Rocksteady Won’t Be At E3 This Year

After hearing and reading tons of predictions about E3 this year, one prediction most had their money involved Rocksteady Studios revealing what they were working on post-Arkham.

As it were, it turns out that Rocksteady is in fact, not attending E3 this year and are currently hard at work on their next big project. The news comes directly from Sefton Hill, Game Director and co-founder of the studio. In a tweet, he confirmed the studio would be watching as fans from London.

Seeing as Rocksteady’s last major game was Batman: Arkham Knight, we’re all eager to see what the studio is working on. Rumours of a Superman game and a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles swirled for some time around the internet. However, they’ve been silent and working with their heads down on this new project.

Which is fine, we’ve got a ton coming up and this generation is heading for the end of its line. Given the timeframe, we may likely see their new project on the next-gen consoles at launch. So while I appreciate them taking their time on this project, it’s still something I’m curious about and would love to know more about soon.

Just take your time Rocksteady, hopefully, that rumoured new Batman game from WB Montreal is real and that should tide us over.