RoboCop: Rogue City

RoboCop: Rogue City is a Best Seller For Developer and Publisher

Over 400,000 sales in just over two weeks

Less than a month since its release on PC, RoboCop: Rogue City has proven successful.

Publisher Nacon says it is the company’s best-selling game, with 435,000 players taking control of RoboCop himself in less than three weeks since its release. On top of that, the game has been launched for a play session over 2.7 million times.

The first-person action game has hit home with many gamers who have nostalgia for the character, the series, and some solid gameplay accompanying it. Our review covers it all!

“Out of their desire to pay tribute to the franchise, the Teyon team have also left numerous references to the RoboCop world for players to discover, such as the iconic locations, weapons and characters, including the actor Peter Weller, who returns to duty as the face and voice of the cyborg cop in RoboCop: Rogue City.”

For those who haven’t played it yet, RoboCop is patrolling Old Detroit not long after the events of the franchise’s second film. “The player must restore law and order to a city plunged into chaos in the wake of the arrival of a new crime lord.”

The game is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.