Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Ronin Shows Off Its Weapons, Combat Styles, Ki, And Using Your Grappling Hook

Rise of the Ronin developer Team Ninja has shared the second episode of its behind-the-scenes series on the PlayStation Blog. While the last episode was focused more on the locations and activities, the follow-up titled “The Fight” gives players a look at the game’s “accessible but deep combat system” of the upcoming PS5 exclusive.

Players who are dropped into Rise of the Ronin will battle a variety of weapons at their disposal, including katanas, spears, and other melee weapons, plus firearms acquired from the West. Although it’s not all about the weapons but how you use it, as the Ronin, you can use strategy to anticipate enemy attacks from these weapons, like guarding (L1 button) or dodging (circle button). Doing so will start to deplete enemies, Ki, aka their energy; when depleted, enemies are vulnerable, meaning players have an opportunity to attack to deal massive damage in combat, be warned though it’s a two-way street, so enemies can use this strat as well.

Like any action game in the genre, parrying is a big part of the game; by holding the triangle button, players can use the counter spark mechanic, effectively avoiding damage while additionally depleting an enemy Ki and stunning them for a bit, giving players a moment to get some bonus damage in. Additionally, Rise of the Ronin players can use Martial skills (holding down the R1 button while pressing square or triangle buttons) to inflict more damage; it’s better to use this tactic on stronger foes as it’s effective on them.

As players progress through Rise of the Ronin, they’ll pick up new combat styles through building bonds with characters that the Ronin will meet. Like in Ghost of Tsushima, this will help players in the long run by switching to the right combat style when in combat with an enemy of a certain weapon type, giving players an advantage in battle.

Enemies will wield nine weapons, including dual blades, Oxtail Swords, great swords, Odachi, and long-range weapons like bows, firearms and fire pipes. The game’s katana combat styles detailed include the game’s default, the Mumyo style, the Hokushin Itto Style, used to overwhelm foes with a series of attacks and the Yagyu Shinkage Style, studied by the Shogun’s Tokugawa clan. In addition to all these combat styles at the player’s disposal, the Ronin has a grappling hook that can be used for traversal and combat.

“You can throw the grappling rope at a latching point to gain leverage in a flash. You can also wield it to pull distant enemies in during combat. Keep the grappling rope in mind to take control of the battlefield from afar. You can hold down R2 to wield a grappling rope to grab a nearby gunpowder barrel and throw it at enemies. The barrel will explode, setting the enemies on fire and inflicting epic damage,” the PlayStation blog post states, detailing the combat uses of Rise of the Ronin’s grappling hook.

Rise of Ronin takes place in a historical setting of Japan in 1863 during the Bakumatsu era, aka the final days of the Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan. Players will experience the story unfolding from the perspective of a powerful Ronin who uses various play styles and weapons (melee, long-ranged, and firearms) that players will use as the story unfolds. At a young age, the player’s character was trained as part of a pair by a group known as the Veil Edge. At the start of Rise of the Ronin, your Ronin is separated for the first time from his blade twin, his surrogate sister, as you try to find yourself in the world on your own.

Rise of the Ronin will launch exclusively for PS5 consoles on March 22nd, which will have online co-op with up to three other players in the game’s game’s main story missions, according to the game’s FAQ.