Riot Games Has Valorant Launching This Summer

Riot Games is working on a new first-person shooter set to arrive this summer on PC.

Valorant is a five-versus-five character-based tactical shooter where your creativity is the most dangerous weapon.

In a video posted, which features alpha gameplay footage, I can’t say I’m on board just yet as the game looks rough and not something I think we should’ve been shown as it was. Instead, I think Riot could have released a better-looking preview that does the game justice. However, I’m still hopeful we get another look shortly.

Shooting in Valorant is precise, consequential, and highly-lethal—we want you to win on your skill and strategy alone.

…But creativity is your greatest weapon.

Imagine this: tactical shooter meets hypernatural powers. Everyone’s got guns and a unique set of abilities, so how do you beat someone with the speed of the wind? Use your own moves to outplay them and beat them to the shot. Valorant is a game for bold strategists who dare to make the unexpected play because if it wins, it works.