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RiME Dev Diary Is All About Puzzles

I’m eagerly awaiting RiME, this game has an aesthetic I’m really digging, the gameplay is right up my alley, all around I’m ready to dive into this game, and with this look at the puzzles that are in the game, it’s even harder to wait to get my hands on RiME. The question is, which version to choose?

This new video dives deep into the process of making a puzzle adventure game that’s accessible and intuitive while still feeling fun and rewarding. That’s meant designing environments and challenges to reveal information to the player through the exploration of quieter features like light, sound, perspective, and time rather than simple text prompts. These subtler traits build over the course of the journey to create a deeper sense of personal investment and discovery while traversing the mysterious island your character has awakened upon.

RiME will arrive on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC on Nay 26, with a Nintendo Switch port arriving later this summer.