Rightfully, Beary Arms

Rightfully, Beary Arms Lands In Early Access

Daylight Basement Studio‘s Rightfully, Beary Arms is heading to Early Access on Steam this July.

The premise is based on a roguelite where you control Beary, a ferocious but adorable teddy who is on a quest to destroy the aliens of the galaxy who are invading his world.

Along the way, you’ll have to use rather clever strategies to execute your plan to save the galaxy and take down the aliens. Your enemies grow stronger alongside you, but the twist is Beary decides how extraterrestrials grow stronger. In some cases, this may lead to a new ally, new ability, more health or something else entirely.

Rightfully, Beary Arms represents how kids internalize fears, anxieties, and unknowns of the world,” said Chris Bischke, cofounder for Daylight Basement Studio. “Similar to the mind of a child, some interpretations are literal, some more imaginative, and some lack context entirely. Beary, a stuffed animal in real life, is that kid’s inner warrior and source of strength through self-discovery.”

Rightfully, Beary Arms will launch on PC via Steam Early Access Thursday, July 27, 2023