Riders Republic

Riders Republic and Rainbow Six Extraction Delayed

Ubisoft announced that Riders Republic and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction will now be respectively released on October 28th and in January 2022.

From a press release sent out today, Ubisoft mentions that the decision to delay both games is to give the teams working on them more opportunities to test them with players, who would improve the game with feedback. “We believe the new release schedules will allow us to achieve that goal. This is the right decision for our players and for the long-term performance of our games.”

Ubisoft also confirmed its full-year 2021-22 financial targets are unchanged.

Riders Republic lets you play through five main activities, which include mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, wingsuit flying and rocket wingsuiting. You’re not alone in all this though as you can play with 50 other players in epic mass PvP races; the game’s PS4 and Xbox One versions are limited to 20 players.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbox Six Extraction puts familiar operatives from the Siege universe against an evolving Alien threat while exploring unpredictable containment zones. To take on this threat, the Rainbow Exogenous Analysis & Containment Team (REACT), a highly specialized and outfitted organization was formed by Eliza “Ash” Cohen, Dr. Elena “Mira” Álvarez, and Jordan “Thermite” Trace.