Reynatis Creators Shed Light on The Themes And How the Team Came Together

Excerpts from the latest Weekly Famitsu interview

In a new translated interview, three creators of the upcoming game Reynatis sat down with Weekly Famitsu to talk about the game’s themes of struggle and release, how the team was shaped into what it is today, and what the title of the game means.

Part one of the interview brings together Creative Producer TAKUMI, Scenario Writer Kazushige Nojima (Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X), and Composer Yoko Shimomura (Live A Live, Super Mario RPG, and Kingdom Hearts). Each with a pedigree of success in big-time RPG titles, they discuss various aspects of what Reynatis will offer.

What is Reynatis, and What Are Its Themes?

Described as a modern-day action RPG, TAKUMI says in the interview that “the game’s story, world, and music are all designed to convey the strain of suppressing yourself and the joy of letting yourself be free.” They expand on this by using Japanese culture as an example, saying that it may be frowned upon to “stand out.” Being free of conformity creates an antithesis to the same culture the creators grew up with.

The game title itself draws meaning from multiple sources. Reynatis is based on two words or phrases: birth and king. TAKUMI says, “In Latin, ‘renatus’ means ‘birth,’ or ‘rebirth.’ In Spanish, it can mean both ‘king’ and ‘birth,’ so it holds the meaning of a “born king.” As you play the story, you’ll understand the meaning behind “birth” and “rebirth.”

During the early days of the game’s creation, TAKUMI tells Weekly Famitsu that they reached out to both Nojima and Shimomura because of their experience in creating a look and feel of a dark setting, citing work in games like Kingdom Hearts.


Character Personalities and The Game’s Story

The trio also digs into some of the characters in Reynatisspecifically the main character, Marin Kirizumi.

They speak about a term used in Japanese anime and gaming, “chūnibyō”. This is used to describe a teen or young adult, and it refers to someone who may have a “know-it-all” personality or a big ego. While working on the main character, the team was able to define what the term meant within the development studio and create something unique. TAKUMI says, “he’s strong when he means business, but he’s cool when he can’t use or chooses not to use his powers.”

Nojima says that even though Reynatis takes place in a dark world, he found scenarios and opportunities to have characters banter and lighten the mood. He says he was free to work, helping craft key character moments.

You can find part one of the translated interview on the game’s website. The game is scheduled to release in the fall of 2024 for Switch, PS4 and PS5, and Steam.