New Dark-Fantasy Reynatis Brings the RPG Action This Fall

Wizards, guns, urban fantasy, and more! That’s what Reynatis looks to be bringing to the RPG table after being announced for consoles and PC earlier today.

Tokyo-based Furyu Corporation is behind the game, saying it has created an action-filled RPG that will showcase a battle between the freedom of magic in the world and one where those same powers would be regulated.

The reveal trailer does an excellent job of setting the stage for Reynatis. The two sides of the magic coin are Marin Kirizumi, who is fighting on the side of magic freedom, and Sari Nishijima, who is pushing for the more regulated use of powers.

In brief dialogue, each pleads their case before we see glimpses of flashy and frantic gameplay.

Reynatis is showing some impressive move sets and abilities. A blade storm, team-up battles with giant beasts, fast dodges and parries, and wicked sword and gun attacks. All of it comes crashing onto the screen in a stylish presentation.

This world of magic will come to a head later this year, as Reynatis is scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5, PC via Steam and this fall.