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Review: World Of Final Fantasy

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At one point during the long and illustrious history of Square Enix, the company had lost its way. The golden age had ended and all seemed lost for games from the prolific developer ever seeing the light of day outside of Japan. This all changed after realizing the error of its ways and now, we’re seeing a new renaissance from the same company.

Between new mobile games, new console experiences and even fighting games that brought a massive roster to the fold, Square Enix likes to bring new spins on old formulas. World of Final Fantasy is exactly that, a new take on old ideas. It’s cute and nostalgic, but at its core, it is still a Final Fantasy game.

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Everything in this game is cute, it’s not the normal Final Fantasy experience you would expect from a numbered game or anything else, even. It’s Final Fantasy meets Pokémon, which is actually a combination I never thought I’d think of playing, but here we are.

Playing as fraternal twins, Lann and Reynn, they are whisked away from their normal lives to Grymoire, a very familiar location if you’ve played any Final Fantasy game at some point. Known as Mirage Keepers, the twins maintain the world and manage the inhabitants know as Lilikins. The twins are referred to as Jiants and can switch between both Lilikin and Jiant forms.


Combat is the bread and butter of any RPG, the turn-based combat in World of Final Fantasy includes a spin on classic Final Fantasy combat, mixing the catching and evolving with the staple of turn-based combat.

There are also many Mirages to capture and evolve. You’ll find many Final Fantasy monsters ranging from Cactaur to Malboros to Moogles. There’s also many heroes of Final Fantasy to unlock, allowing you to summon them into battle to assist you. The Mirages of this game are what allow you to enter combat, as Reynn and Lann rely on them to help them survive. You can stack Mirage, allowing for stronger attacks, more health and combined spells to utilize.


World of Final Fantasy caters to lifelong fans of the series providing a nostalgia filled adventure start to finish. The story isn’t the main focus, rather it’s the characters, the monsters, and the combat that take the stage. The classic combat of the illustrious combat is here and the game knows not to take itself too seriously. The content is here too, expect a lengthy RPG with tons to do and collect. This is a great way to utilize Final Fantasy.

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  • The Mirages
  • The battle mechanics
  • Cameos!


  • Random encounters