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Review: The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine


Kudos to CD Projekt Red for how they have treated both the gaming community and their fans with how they create content for their games. The Witcher 3 launched a year ago to critical and commercial acclaim, we loved it, and still haven’t finished everything that there is to see. Following the release of The Witcher 3, we got tons of free DLC to follow – the developers took care of their game and made an amazing game even better. We also got two paid expansions that were more than worthy of being called DLC, these expansions added large chunks to an already large and meaty game.

Blood and Wine is the best way The Witcher 3 could have ended, inviting Geralt and players alike to a new region: Toussaint. There is enough content here to be a full game for any other developer, but CD Projekt has done a great job at adding a diverse list of things to do within this new land and every developer should look here for how extra content should be handled.

Like previous expansion Hearts of Stone, Blood and Wine provides a story that separates itself from the main game, which feels like a very realized Italian landscape. Wine flows freely, the sun is out and everything in the world feels alive. It’s a change from the main game and Hearts of Stone.


Blood and Wine is heavy on content and the sidequests you will find and complete in Toussaint are some of the best I’ve completed. Many outlets will mention chasing down the culprit who cut the genitals off a statue as a highpoint, I agree fully as I found this to be one of my favorite activities to complete and return the statue’s lost parts to their rightful owner.


There are many new creatures and enemies to face in this new land, Geralt will encounter many of them as he explores vineyards, caves and other corners of these lands. The bosses you face here in Toussaint are some of the best in the series and the new mutations make for some fun new ways to deal with monsters. Each creature can be a very real threat to Geralt if not treated properly.


Blood and Wine is the example and the gold standard of what downloadable content should be. From beginning to end, you’re in for a rush providing an experience that deviates enough from the main campaign to provide and alluring experience. Sending off Geralt in Blood and Wine closes the loop that began with The Witcher 3. The world created in the Witcher trilogy will be missed dearly as such a realized and deep place to pop into from time to time will not be seen for along time. CD Projekt Red proves yet again that there are few developers who are willing to break the mold and bring to their fans content worth buying, Geralt and company have been in capable hands from the beginning.

The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine











  • Toussaint
  • The story
  • The new enemies
  • New mutagens