Trials Rising

Review: Trials Rising

Trials Rising lets players guide their racer along a career path to the championship of trials, races set upon extraordinary locations and feature tracks with many obstacles to overcome in order to cross the finish line and be crowned the victor. However, players will first have to prove themselves on league tracks to unlock new activities that will help them advance and learn new techniques to make them worthy opponents that warrant recognition. Trials Rising is my introduction to the franchise and I was pleasantly surprised that it offers endless amounts of wholesome enjoyment. Tutorials are situated throughout various levels to educate players on gameplay mechanics, but the basic introduction gave me an in depth look at how perfecting the leaning mechanic will greatly aid in overcoming obstacles with ease. Granted it will take time through trial and error to perfect, but Trials Rising never creates levels of frustration that makes you want to quit. I found myself continually restarting tracks to beat my previous score as I learned to better handle my bike with every passing moment.


It is important for players to realize that flooring the gas pedal will not help you get to the finish line faster as you will be unable to properly manoeuvre through the track , but will lead to your eventual failure instead. Early tutorials will guide you to careful acceleration and braking to overcome hills and obstacles while leaning and tilting your bike appropriately will grant you success.

Your success will be rewarded with an advancement in levels, which will grant you gear crates filled with items to personalize your bike and outfit. It is only fitting that you look good doing crazy stunts while manoeuvring through impressive tracks. You will be bombarded with many items, including countless duplicates, so it may be best for players to wait a few levels before looking over their newly acquired stock from gear crates.

Completing each track unlocks a plentiful amount of activities to compete in that will take you from North America to Europe and Asia, each presenting their own unique tracks and challenges. Early tracks are simply designed to prepare you for the trials ahead, but sponsors will also make note of your skill and present you with opportunities that you will surely not want to miss. Players can also compete in online races and tracks created by the community. The inclusion of a track editor is a nice addition to the package, but will take some time to learn the necessary steps to create an enjoyable experience for others to partake in. A Tandem mode also lets two players control one bike, increasing the importance on perfected leaning and communication, otherwise failure will be a constant.


As mentioned, you will be travelling to various tracks all around the world. Some notable locations include the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Great Wall of China. Level design throughout Trials Rising is executed perfectly to compliment the enjoyable experience that it offers. You will also traverse environments where the unexpected will occur such as explosions propelling you across large gaps, or moving through a galactic alien battle. Visuals are also top notch and will leave a lasting impression as you cross the finish line. I completed certain areas more than once to simply appreciate the well-crafted tracks.

Trials Rising offers hours of enjoyable gameplay from the moment you accelerate your bike for the first time. It is a guided path early on as it teaches you the basics before unleashing you upon the ridiculous, yet impressive, world that has been created. Trials Rising comes highly recommended, especially due to the great price point.

[A copy of the game was provided to us by the publisher for review purposes.]