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Review: TP-Link AC2600 Wi-Fi Range Extender RE650

TP-Link returns to the market with a more powerful range extender. Last year, we reviewed the AC1750 Range Extender – a great product that covered many of the dead spots in my home where I needed Wi-Fi.

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With the RE650 Range Extender, TP-Link has increased the coverage area up to 14,000 sq. ft – which is all thanks to the four eternal antennas that grace the device. I put the RE650 at the back of my house, the furthest point from my router, and after a brief and breezy set up, all thanks to the WPS button on the front of the device, connected to my home network.

Everything you need to know about the device is right on the front, with indicators showing power, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, but the most important indictor is at the top. The Intelligent Signal Light assists you in setting up the RE650 at the most opportune location in your home. If it is red, it’s too far from the router, if its blue, your connection is getting the required signal to extend into your home.

With the capability of reaching speeds of up to 800 Mbps on 2.4GHZ and 1733 Mbps on 5GHx spectrum, expect to have a consistent connection to the internet, where the normal in houses today has everyone streaming, downloading, and gaming wirelessly. In my house, I tested 4K video on Netflix, finding no series issues with the stream; with gaming, I stress tested multiplayer games on both PC and PlayStation 4 with superb results.

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This is thanks to MU-MIMO tech, which can fully serve up to four devices, the technology boosts performance up to 4x faster than any other range extender, and is found in many TP-Link products, such as our favourite router, the AC3150.

As an bonus, there is an included Ethernet port available if required, I found it wasn’t necessary to use with the great performance given on wireless, however, you can connect your console or TV to create a reliable connection.

Did I mention that with this port, you can double up and create an access point for your home? You can! This port can turn into a dual-band wireless access point that can support 4×4 MU-MIMO connections. This is essentially perfect for small businesses, helping to get the most out of your internet connection.

TP-Link Tether is available to download free of charge for both Android and iOS compatible devices, with Tether, you can monitor your home network, login to your router, change settings and more. It’s a great way to manage your devices on the go, and is essential to getting the most out of our products.

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With two weeks of testing for the RE650 at my home, I can’t find a fault that would deter me from not buying this, aside from being a tad bigger than I would want it to be, for what it can do, the range extender goes a long way – loaded with great features that you would find in a full sized router.

TP-Link is one of the leaders of home networking, and as time goes on, expect to see even better products that do amazing things. If you don’t believe me, our reviews spread the word of solid products built to make our lives easier at home, especially at time where we have never been more connected to the internet. The RE650 range extender is perfect house that struggle to get every room connected, and stay that way; so with such a powerful device available, why wouldn’t you want your family to be connected correctly?