REVIEW: The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 2

ss-009 Continuing off last month’s The Walking Dead: Michonne, Episode 2 is out this week and at no a playtime of no more than an hour, there isn’t enough content to justify this purchase. Fan favourite Michonne can only fuel so much of the content before burning out on what she can do.

Two episodes in and this story doesn’t feel like it belongs in video game medium to be told. Coming off the first episode, I had hoped there would be more to make returning worth the download and we get more of the same.

The episode begins with a quick burn and levels off, giving time to delve into Michonne’s past, and her rather frequent hallucinations create a link between the player and her that allow us to understand her better, leading up to her opening up about her past.

Michonne is the only redeeming character seen once again, both supporting cast and enemies lacking any substance. It’s a shame when you get to see engaging enemies and cast with purpose both in the show and in the comics. I have no interest in anyone but Michonne, and maybe, Pete. He’s still alright in my books. I feel the short order prevents any chance of allowing good characterization, but, that’s just my opinion.

The-Walking-Dead-Michonne-Episode-2-Review-1 The game suffers from minor hiccups that are present in many TellTale games, the other issue is load times were often far too long, leaving a sour taste as I waited to continue.

What hinders this series is the larger than life presence of one of the most memorable characters in The Walking Dead. Michonne is too important to be given this small piece of the universe and belongs in a proper game with the proper amount of time to bloom. Shoehorning her into a three piece McNugget meal doesn’t seem fair or justifiable for someone so important to the lore.

ss-008I thought this three episode would help benefit by curbing any potential filler you might get from a full five episode season, this isn’t the case and with only one episode left in this series, it feels like there’s something missing. I could eat my words and have a change of heart with next month’s finale, who knows.


The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 2











  • Michonne
  • Her delusions


  • Boring supporting cast
  • Short playtime
  • Short episode order
  • Technical issues