The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood

Review: The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is something a lot of people should consider playing. I’m unfamiliar with developer Deconstructeam, whose previous game, The Red Strings, was received well and piqued my interest enough to add it to my Steam wishlist. With that in mind, I went in without a clue what to expect with their latest game, and frankly, the decision feels like it was the right one because it exceeded my expectations. Small indie games are the heart of the industry, and this game, developed by just three people, has a lot of heart while tackling some heavy themes.

This enchanting narrative is not just a tale of a coven or a witch; it’s an expedition that traverses the very fabric of reality, intertwined with the potent threads of language and led by the enigmatic Fortuna. Buckle up as we delve into the captivating cosmos of deck building, conjuring cards that dance with cosmic energies and unravelling the profound impact of words upon the world.

Fortuna’s Exile: A Tarot Reading that Echoes through the Ages

Imagine a solitary witch named Fortuna, exiled to the far reaches of the cosmos, suspended upon an asteroid as if it were a prison. Her crime was one where she foretold a cataclysmic event within the delicate tapestry of her coven’s fate. The aftermath of her Tarot reading propelled her into the cosmos, an exile spanning a millennium. Yet, from this exile emerges a captivating tale, a symphony of creation and resilience.


Two hundred years into her exile, Fortuna beckons Abramar, a colossal behemoth, to her side. As the master of cosmic energies, Abramar imparts his arcane wisdom to Fortuna. Through this mentorship, Fortuna discovers the intricate art of creating new cards, channelling the essence of the cosmos. This creative fusion mirrors the core gameplay, where you, too, will harness the boundless energies of the universe to breathe life into your cards.

Crafting the Cosmic Wheel: The Art of Deck Building

The heart of The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood lies in its captivating deck-building mechanics. Picture yourself as Fortuna, wielding the power to craft cards imbued with cosmic energies: these cards, extensions of her being, dance in harmony with the universe. Like an artist with a canvas, you’ll curate a tapestry of imagery by combining backgrounds, main characters, and ornaments. It’s akin to playing with a celestial sticker book, where every choice resonates with cosmic significance.


Fortuna can craft decks of cards based on the elements Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. This ability essentially means you can create various decks that suit you. Being a witch has some perks, and it feels like card crafting is undoubtedly one of them, by selecting multiple elements like the background, arcana, and accents. These all cost energy from the elements and can be earned by completing additional readings.


Weaving the Narrative: Threads of Creation, Conversation, and Reflection

The chronicle of Fortuna’s journey unfolds across three pivotal pillars. First, there’s the captivating creation of cards, a symphony of colours and concepts blending seamlessly. Then the intimate conversations on the asteroid, where Fortuna’s insights and musings add depth to her character. Lastly, the tapestry of her past, woven with flashbacks and essential scenes, fleshes out the narrative, creating a harmonious energy between the present and the echoes of history.


Fortuna’s connections, forged in the crucible of pre-ascension days, come into play. These witches, old pals and fellow practitioners of the arcane jet across the cosmos to visit your cosmic pit stop. And what’s their mission? They become your campaign crusaders, rallying the masses, digging dirt on rivals, and convincing specific demographics to vote your way. You can even send them on a quest to forge alliances that shape the outcome of your story.


It is then that the game, with mind-blowing mastery, begins to subvert these ideas, dramatically modifying the meaning of the card readings, for example, or moving the dynamics that occur between Fortuna and the rest of the characters in surprising directions. They are even more incredible when you realize that part of these narrative twists and turns you’ll encounter throughout your playthrough are the direct results of your choice in an earlier chapter. It’s even doubly shocking learning that Abramar’s warning that your choices will impact those around you isn’t long before you see those implications come to fruition.


For all that The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood excels in, it stumbles toward the story’s final third. Indicating what’s wrong with this section would be spoilers, but the pacing comes to a crawl and overstays its welcome. It isn’t bad by any means but it certainly leaves the wrong impression, which might not be what you expected it to be.


The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is deep and filled with memorable moments. It also has a lot of heart and deals with some heavy themes with grace, which I’m confident many will resonate with. With that said, I came into this game with no expectations. I’m saving Deconstructeam’s library into my wishlist as I plan to explore their previous games to see how I missed them. From the world-building to the music, writing, and characters, I’m floored by how great this experience is.


[The publisher provided a copy of the game for review purposes.]

Reviewed on: PC

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood
The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is deep and filled with memorable moments. It also has a lot of heart and deals with some heavy themes with grace, which I'm confident many will resonate with.
Building card decks is often fun and rewarding
A wonderful story that's got some excellent writing to match
The cast of characters are memorable and feel realized
Didn't Like
Pacing issues in the last third of the story.