Review: That’s You!

Unveiled at E3 this year, That’s You is the first title to feature Sony’s PlayLink feature, which allows you to use your phone to play with your friends.

That’s You is currently free for PlayStation Plus subscribers and allows for up to six people to play the party title. Using your smartphone, either iOS or Android, you connect to your PS4 and play with your friends.

That’s You feels similar to an old favourite, Buzz!, which was successful on PS2 and PS3, it’s been quite some time since we’ve gotten a title from that series, but luckily, Wish Studios, the same developers behind Buzz!, have moved on to That’s You, replacing buzzers with your own smartphone as the controller.

The questions you’ll be asked about your friends aren’t typical questions you would see in other titles, instead, you and your friends can answer funny questions like, who would most likely survive in the wild, who would make out with a stranger in a club/bar, as well as doodling pictures of each other in hilarious scenarios. There’s lots of fun to be had, with over 1000 questions to answer.

thats you 1

After creating an avatar for yourself by taking a selfie, you’re set! The host will take you on a tour of different locations all the while asking questions about you and your friends, asking you to doodle on each other and keeping the party going. Locals range from on a train, to on a beach, creepy attics and more, each area full of detail and never overstaying its welcome.

The in-game host does a fantastic job of taking the time to explain the game modes and walk you through what to do. It’s great for those who don’t game often, allowing everyone to be on equal footing for the big game. However, the host does tend to spiral into tangents and talks for longer than he should after answering a round of questions, sometimes he even will say something genuinely funny.

Depending on how many players are involved, the game adjusts itself to accommodate to however many players are currently in the game. Play with two people, and one is asked questions about the other, both sharing points. The more people you have, the better, I played with no less than three people. The questions are catered to seeing how well you know your friends, and how well they know you.

That’s You is designed to be played by 2-6 people, but I recommend at least having four players for optimal enjoyment, in seven rounds, you need to rack up points, and you can effectively double your score by wagering a token.

That’s You! is a fun game for large groups of friends who are looking for a fun party game, it’s free, and it’s fun, what more do you need to be convinced to check it out? The only gripe I advise you remedy is keeping a charger on hand, as using your device for the controller will drain your battery. Small grievance aside, I’m looking forward to playing more rounds with my friends and laughing to the finish with the highest score.











  • Free until October 24
  • Great for party setting
  • Great host, great explantions


  • Online misses the mark