REVIEW: Street Fighter V


The King of fighters returns with a new and hotly anticipated sequel with Street Fighter V. This is the pinnacle of fighting games for many spawning tournaments that are viewed by thousands, and this is the first Street Fighter that wasn’t an updated copy of Street Fighter IV, it’s been eight years since that game launched.

This needs to be put first as I feel it detracts away from the experience; the game is missing features at launch and while the wait is only a month Capcom is claiming, the issue remains that this isn’t a finished game. I want to name the features missing at launch.

  • The in-game store will launch in March
  • Challenge mode is missing Trials, Extra Battle, Battle Tips, Targets all schedules for March
  • The real story mode won’t be available until June and we have some budget story now
  • Online lobbies support two players at launch and will allow up to eight in, yup, March

This is what I’ve read about and confirmed in-game and this really irks me. I understand that this is a competitive fighter and it’s not that long of a wait, but, why release a month before when you plan to release a ton of content a month later?

Street Fighter V will launch with 16 fighters to choose from with Capcom planning, and recently, confirming that there will be a new character each month starting in March. (!!) The cast has new fighters, returning fighters, and, fan favorite fighters allowing for a great cast to choose from.

Capcom has introduced Fight Money and, I really, really, hope this sticks around going forward. Essentially, as you continue playing Street Fighter V, and complete daily challenges and leveling up their characters, you’re granted Fight Money that goes to unlocking paid content. If you’re inclined to just pay with real money, you can purchase Zenny for that goal. The more you play, you can unlock buy new characters and more.

The story mode included with Street Fighter V is weak and in lieu of the beefy version we’re receiving in June, is a quick fix that takes no more than 10 minutes to complete for each character.


Cosmetically, Street Fighter V doesn’t look all that much different from its predecessor, it’s underneath the hood that Capcom has made major refinements and tuning.  I’m quoting the Street Fighter Wikia here because I feel this explanation is better than how I could explain it.

“Executed by pressing both heavy buttons, the V-Trigger varies depending on the character: some fighters gain access to a power-up for a limited amount of time while others perform a single move that can turn the tide of battle. When activated, wisps of energy will flow around the character to signify that they have entered V-Trigger mode. Using a character’s V-Trigger will deplete the V-Gauge.”

The addition of this meter adds a new coat to each character in the roster, this adds in new ways to turn the tide on an opponent when you’re feeling the heat.  Each character has their own unique and personal take on the new system, and I’m still figuring out which I love most.

Looking for opponent’s online works well and aside from pre-launch cleansing from Capcom that cleared everybody’s stats, was a pleasant experience, servers working rather quickly to find me an opponent. This is definitely a step up from Street Fighter IV and the woes I remember having difficulty finding anybody to fight.


When Capcom is done putting together their Frankenstein that is Street Fighter V, the game will be the best fighter they will have put out, crisp mechanics, fluid online, a stacked roster that caters to many types of players, and it is going to be new hotness. I don’t agree with how Capcom handled the release of Street Fighter V but picking at the carcass I found there is a genuinely excellent and competent fighter within. I want more but I have to wait. Okay. Don’t get me wrong, I am definably against the way Capcom decided to release Street Fighter V, but the core of the game is excellent and is some of the best fun I’ve had with the genre.

I respect Capcom treating Street Fighter V less like a game and more like a platform for experimenting with the formula we know so well. I hope this doesn’t blow up in their face, though.



Street Fighter V











  • New V-Gauge
  • Fight Money
  • Netcode works
  • Newcomer friendly


  • Missing features