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Review: Sticky Business

We have all had a brainstorm of an idea. Maybe it’s so good that you know that if you had the chance, you could start your own business and thrive!

In reality, this is a daunting task. But it’s also one that millions of people have done successfully. This is where Sticky Business comes in from Spellgarden Games. This quiet, wholesome, gentle, and simple game will let you step into the shoes of what is essentially a small business owner.

Starting your online sticker shop may seem mundane and lacklustre on the surface, but I assure you that your creativity will thrive, and so will your shop as you progress throughout this game that slowly but surely wowed me over and over.

Getting Down to Sticky Business

Setting up your Etsy-like shop is quick and easy. Enter your name and your shop’s name, and you’re off to sell some colourful and fun stickers.

Sticky Business does an excellent job of giving you a brief but practical tutorial. There can seem like a lot to navigate through on each screen, but it’s made clear with some text prompts and a short time later, I found myself using the face buttons and touch controls easily.

Your first and primary task is to create as many unique stickers as possible. You’re somewhat limited early on, but I still found a handful of ways to make a couple of animals, words, and trees work. Each of your stickers is assembled using dozens of pieces that are essentially stamps. You can move them, rotate them, adjust their size, and more. All on an open canvas that you’re free to explore.

Along the way, you’ll earn some money and XP points as you sell stickers. The XP is built up the more of each sticker component you sell. For example, sell 20 stickers with an own in them, and the owl will award you little hearts that can be exchanged for new packaging materials and wrapping paper.


Once you’ve made what you like, it’s off to the printer and boxing stages. Again, this may sound like a chore, but it’s not. Sticky Business does a great job of making each step feel like a mini-game. Even placing your newly created sticker on a page can take some finesse and creativity.

There are many areas of the game I was pleasantly surprised with. Sticky Business operates much like a sandbox made of stickers, colours, and sparkles, but it also has a nice and wholesome narrative. It isn’t laid out for you, and it takes some searching, but open your inbox and read some of the emails and messages from customers, and you’ll find a wholly unique way to connect.

One in particular said their young son enjoyed dinosaurs. After making a couple for them to buy, the return thank you message also came with some background that the boy was having a tough time since his mother passed away. It was an unexpected tug at the heartstrings. With our own baby on the way in our household, I truly felt something in an otherwise simple moment. Small touches like this made me appreciate just what the developers were going for here: a friendly, welcoming, real, and creative sandbox to play in.


Bring Out Your Creativity

Games like Super Mario Maker and LittleBigPlanet are fantastic examples of what people can make with provided tools. It’s imposing what those communities and ones like it have made. I may love them, but I’ll never sit there and create them. I don’t have that time and skill. But in Sticky Business, you have to make your product. But it’s not the pressure of the sale or your businesses success that promotes creativity, it’s how easy things are.

The open canvas I mentioned earlier is filled with possibilities despite only having a set number of stamp-like choices available. That toolbox expands as you keep playing, and every time I chose which piece I wanted to unlock, ideas were flowing.

I think the balance of open creativity and minor limitations helped me thrive. Add a welcoming presentation promoting fun and friendship, and you have something great!


Sticky Business is a game that has become the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work. No matter, when I’m on the train home or sitting on the couch, opening up my sticker shop for a few (or a few dozen) days of business, feels great!

Spellgarden Games has made what could be the most wholesome experience I’ve ever had. I say open up shop, let your ideas flow, and embrace your colourful and creative side, which you may not even know you had!


[The publisher provided a copy of the game for review purposes.]

Reviewed on: Switch

Sticky Business
Review: Sticky Business
Sticky Business is a colourful, wholesome game that promotes creativity and positivity. Its sandbox-like gameplay makes for a chill, cozy time with your Switch that can be enjoyed at any pace.
Great positive messaging and welcoming vibe
A wonderful way to promote creativity
Simple enough that anyone can create something great
Cute, calming presentation
Didn't Like
Game loop could become repetitive