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Review: Spider-Man: The Heist

This week saw the release of the first piece of content in “The City That Never Sleeps” line of content for Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games. The second piece of content titled “Turf Wars” launches in November, and the final piece titled “Silver Lining” launched in December. The episodes are available either separately or as a season pass.

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Set after the ending of Marvel’s Spider-Man, The Heist focuses on the relationship between Peter/Spider-Man and Felicia/Black Cat, who have a long history in the comic books as well as in this version. We only saw a brief glimpse of their relationship within the main narrative campaign in a series of brief missions that ended up concluded with a “see you soon!” message. Clearly, the old flames have some issues to work through and things get more dramatic by throwing Mary Jane into the mix.

So, is The Heist worth the price of admission? I think there’s merit to check out the content as it allows us the opportunity to return to New York City (and the recent addition of New Game Plus helps!) and we get to spend time with Black Cat, too. Not only that, but we get some of the best interactions between Miles and Peter here, and hopefully this sets up something exciting for both of them in the future. Their chemistry is really good to see working so well.

Starting off with a lot of noise, we drop into a museum heist which starts off with a few basic puzzles and fights. Shortly after, New York city opens up with an assortment of activities to complete. The Heist took me around five hours to complete. This includes two hours for the narrative and three hours to finish collecting everything. There’s even more J.Jonah Jameson available, ready to badmouth the wallcrawler. Combat remains unchanged and doesn’t add anything new to the formula.

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There is however, a new faction to deal with in this episode under control of Hammerhead. Yes, that one. These guys play about the same as you’d expect from any of the previous enemies, but I noticed enemies coming at me with rocket launchers, likely due to my arsenal and abilities being maxed out.

While not as engaging as the main campaign, The Heist is good but not great. Seeing Black Cat introduced adds another lovable character to the mix. Most missions we’ve already seen so getting more of the same isn’t necessarily bad, and the new challenges and three costumes to add to the collection. If anything, this content was created for those who want more Spider-Man. Ending on cliffhanger means each piece of content is seemingly intertwined, so if you can deal with having to wait to find out what happens next, you should check this out.