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Review: Snipperclips – Cut it Out, Together!

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The biggest and most wanted title on the Nintendo Switch is most definitely The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for good reason of course. However, with Snipperclips – Cut it Out, Together! you’re getting a solid second title to show off the Nintendo Switch. The eShop is barren right now – there really isn’t much to purchase yet, but if you’re looking at something to break up play sessions of Zelda, Snipperclips is easily going to fill those gaps.

Snipperclips is a co-operative platform puzzle game for up to four players with the basic premise asking you to trim and cut your characters to complete tasks. The simplicity of the gameplay allows for creative minds to stretch out and flex their muscles as there is very little instruction to go on, leaving you to think for yourself to accomplish the goals set out for you.

To get the most of your Joy-Cons, Snipperclips allows up to four-players to solve puzzles. To get the most out of this title, you’ll need an additional pair of Joy-Cons because there is no support for the Pro Controller (I learned this the hard way and was disappointed) but it’s understandable given the control scheme.

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What hooked me about Snipperclips was the freedom given to experiment to solve each puzzle. What would be the best solution for you and your friends to get a ball through a hoop’ what about a pencil to a sharpener? The puzzles themselves are set on 2D levels; the basic premise is completing a small task in extraordinary ways.

The leeway for completing puzzles is a big part of the appeal; the leniency when solving puzzles is made or break in puzzle games; how many times have you solved the puzzle on your own terms only to be told that it wasn’t the solution being asked of you? Luckily, there isn’t any of this to be seen here.

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And you’ll have your hands full as there are 45 levels to work your way through, in addition, you can find 20 levels that are catered to parties, and can only be completed in group settings. You also have three games to play: basketball, air hockey, and deathmatch.

Snipperclips: Cut it Out, Together! is a solid game from start to finish – allowing creative players to breathe and solve puzzles outside the box, in both a solo and multiplayer setting, you won’t be disappointed by what Snipperclips brings Switch in a beautiful and clever puzzle game. After spending a week solving puzzles both alone and with friends, I can’t wait to return to Snipperclips, but the best way to play is with friends who can work together.

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  • Clever puzzles!
  • Multiplayer only levels are fun
  • Great co-op
  • Party mode!


  • No Pro Controller option