Review: Sennheiser GSP 303 Need For Speed Edition

Familiarizing myself with Sennheiser has been fun this year, it wasn’t after getting hands-on time and a pair of my very own that I appreciated the craftsmanship put into these audio devices. Sennheiser has become ubiquitous with quality sound built with a quality product. Seeing that Sennheiser technology was being used to record the mechanical growls in Need for Speed Payback meant that the audio would be sublime, each car purring their own distinct sounds.

Featuring a headset with one of the most comfortable ear pads I’ve used, the XL memory foam pads were never a nuisance, an issue I’ve faced since switching from earbuds. Whether I was at the gym, or listening to music at home, the biggest issue I had was my ears would hurt after prolonged usage. With the GSP 303’s however, I sat down and played a prolonged gaming session with no irritancies on my ears. The D-shaped design around the ears creates an acoustic seal that not only prevents your ears from hurting but also gives an optimal sound.

Watching movies, listening to music, I decided to sample things I would normally do, including Netflix and Spotify. Watching a movie becomes an audio delight, with deep bass and crisp audio dancing in my ears. Spotify playlists featuring EDM, Hip Hop, and Rock music benefitted from the quality output of the GSP 303’s. Gaming on the go does a number too, playing a handful of quick games on my phone one day replicated a console-sized sound from my iOS device.

A big selling feature for me is being able to use my headset with all my devices. Sennheiser included an adaptor that allows you to use the headset with either your Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC or mobile device.

One flaw that stuck out to me was the plastic used for the headband, it’s high-quality plastic, but the feeling of breaking it easily doesn’t leave you while adjusting them during usage or putting them on an taking them off. The uneasiness goes away but the initial scare stays with you the first few days.

Slowly but surely, I have been leaning into online gaming with a microphone, and I had good feedback in games while using the GSP 303’s online, with quality rivaling another Sennheiser headset we reviewed, the PC 373D headset from earlier this year. We even noticed how well noise cancellation occurred when gaming with others in the room, with focus on my voice and being distinguishable. There are also intuitive controls featuring a volume knob on the right side of the headset and a microphone that mutes when it is raised away from your face.

Recommending Sennheiser’s GSP 300 series is easy to do especially for what is being offered compared to other “premium” gaming headset. The simplicity of the design is matched by the innovative audio drivers powering the GSP 303 headset. The in-game audio renders so well in your ears it’s so easy to tell every sound apart, even with music blaring from the soundtrack and characters talking to you.

The GSP 303 is priced at $129.99 CAD and comes with a two-year international warranty.