Review: Rez Infinite


Rez is unlike any other game I tried with the PlayStation VR. I didn’t realize what I was getting into when I booted up the game. I haven’t heard of anything to do with the series in a long time either, it’s been 14 years since the game was on a PlayStation system. Rez Infinite is a remaster of the original game and integrated with VR.

The pulsating and hypnotic gameplay of Rez works well both with and with out VR. The game comes to life in different ways, but, VR is definitely the best way to experience this deep and impressive game. The simplicity of the controls and the way the gameplay unfolds turns the game into a something else.area5_01

The story of Rez is purposely vague, it isn’t the focus of the game. It’s the environment, the gameplay, and the music that takes the stage in what feels like a riff on Tron. It’s a world within a supercomputer that Rez takes part in and it’s the only way something like this can work I think.

Your job is to create music by tagging enemies and with the left stick and hitting the X button to mark them for missiles, these attacks bring about the brilliant soundscape of the Rez.


The experience this brings is perfectly synced to the controller, headphones, and display of the VR headset. This is easily the reason I learned to love the game as I progressed through new bosses and levels. As I said, the VR brings this game to an entirely new setting.

The best part of this remaster is an entirely new mode called Area X, this allows free reign on controlling your character instead of following the story ‘path,’ and, allows for a much more interesting experience with Rez. It’s also created using a new game engine (UE4!) and throws you in new directions.

I’m glad I got to experience Rez in VR. It’s a new technology for PlayStation and Rez feels at home in virtual reality, and, it doesn’t take away from the experience at all. If you’ve played Rez at some point, you need to do yourself the favour and play it again; this is the best and definitive version of a 15-year-old game. There is no better way to experience VR right now.











  • Remastered for VR
  • Great soundtrack
  • Area X!
  • Gameplay is fun