Review: PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller

I love my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller thanks to the stellar battery life and premium build. I recommend anyone who owns a Nintendo Switch to purchase a controller but it’s a hefty sum in Canada, nearing $100. Luckily, there’s one third-party accessory maker that’s continually pushing what they can do at a fraction of the price of an official Nintendo product. As a kid, third-party controllers were not as exciting, never looked as good as the real thing, or even lasted that long. Today, with PowerA being a leader in the market, the company has raised the bar for quality on peripherals.

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I’ve spent the last month on their newest controller, the PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller and I’m happy to say that if you’re looking for a quality controller that won’t break the bank, this is a contender. Working with both your Switch and your PC, the Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller is a third the size of the Pro Controller while keeping a lot of what makes the controller so great. It’s got a USB-C port, motion controls and LEDs to help tell your position.

PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller is a stellar alternative to the Pro Controller

The Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller is available in all black or gray with red and blue highlights that accentuate the build wonderfully. I mentioned it’s a third of the size of the standard Pro Controller and for me, it can sometimes be uncomfortable but never to the point of being unusable. I have massive paws that found no issues with the thumbsticks – it was trying to get situated in a game like Okami, or Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection which left me cramping in my hands. With some minor adjustments, I found the sweet spot for using the Nano. It’s just such a shame it has no rumble function, which is a bummer.

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You’ll be familiar with the layout of the Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller as it shares the same layout as the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. It pairs easily enough to the Nintendo Switch, too and it syncs as easily as ever with the press of a button on the controller. I found it paired as easy on PC as well, using my Bluetooth receiver to test out a few titles on Xbox Game Pass for PC. And my favourite thing about the controller is the battery life as the Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller boasts a respectable 20-hours on a single charge.

On the underside of the controller are two programmable buttons. Two are extra mappable buttons that can mirror and other action buttons on the controller. I mapped one to running, so I wouldn’t have to press the analog stick. To program a button, you press the program button and hold it for three seconds, select the button you want to map then press the programmable button.

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PowerA continues to deliver quality licensed products at a great price point that compliment the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller perfectly. Being a third of the size, the Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller is perfect for small hands or children and is a great alternative to being the main controller. I see this as the perfect on the go controller for my Nintendo Switch Lite. It’s lightweight, lasts for nearly 20 hours on a single charge and easy to pack away. It’s also a great controller to hand off to my relatives or girlfriend when playing a multiplayer game. In Canada, the Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller retails for roughly $69.99 and is available now.

[A review unit was provided by PowerA for review purposes.]