Review: OPSeat Master Series Gaming Chair

A gaming setup is incomplete without a chair that can support those binge sessions. I’ve been guilty of having an improper chair that has caused some damage due to bad posture (my fault!) but with OPSeat’s fleet of gaming chairs, you’re going to be sitting in style. Twitch and YouTube streamers have risen over the years and more and more are given products to sell to their followers. Most items might be out of their price range, from expensive microphones to streaming gear not catered to average gamers.  

With OPSeat though, you’re getting a premium computer chair that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I was at my local Canada Computers browsing the aisles where I came upon a chair that was super comfortable, I spent some time sitting in the chair, before deciding to look at the price. This is that moment I had when I clenched my teeth and got out of the chair and went to check out. The chair I was sitting on cost $600 dollars, and while it was comfortable, it was also out of any budget I would try to plan so I could purchase that chair.  

Upon opening this heavy box from OPSeat, I was welcomed with a box packed with care, as each piece was packaged and wrapped with foam to protect it from harm on its way to the office. Good start to my experience. 

After quickly tearing open each piece of the chair, I found the included tools to assemble the Master Series Gaming Chair, you’ll only need an Allan key and roughly a half hour to assemble the entire thing. A few small gripes I had with the assembly include the leather and the holes not lining up, this caused some issues at the start, but with a knife, I was able to clear the area and line the screws up to the holes. 

After everything is set up, I took to sitting in the chair. OPSeat followed suit and with many gaming chairs, have a certain aesthetic to them. As a bigger guy, I have a wider frame than many others, I did find the chair to be tighter on the arm support, but it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Within minutes I moved everything over to my computer desk and sat down to test out a few titles. 

The company’s logo is etched across the headrest, in a simple but elegant typeface, similar to Recaro seats you would find in a Porsche. It pleased me to see this as I grew up in Recaro seats in my dad’s car and they were without a doubt the most comfortable car seats I’ve been in. While the chair simulates a racing chair, it’s to mold to the curves of your body. The armrests are adjustable and feature a curve on for your forearms but come with no padding. The armrests also felt loose, tightening them up did nothing, I might be wrong in my assumption, but, I don’t think this is how they were designed.  

As with a traditional office chair, there is a lock to adjust the lean of your chair, as well as a knob to adjust the tension when you sit down. My favorite thing I discovered is the handle that deals with the angle of the chair’s back. I haven’t left the upright position for much longer than an hour during which I reclined to watch a movie. The chair is sturdy to support me, I tend to fidget a lot when I sit down, and it’s out of unnecessary habit I do it, the Master Series chair holds up well to my needs thus far.  

With the included pillows for both your lumbar and head, once you strap them onto the chair’s frame, you can adjust them to your height. I thought I could live without the lumbar support pillow, and I even went a few days without using it, however, slowly I would notice how uneven I sat, it wasn’t uncomfortable by any means, it just didn’t line up with the other headrest pillow I was using. I highly recommend the lumbar pillow, the position I sit in during writing sessions has improved immensely so far, it’s made sitting at a desk bearable. 

The OPSeat Master Series Gaming Chair meets my needs in my day to day life. The simple fact that it hits every checkbox for what I do makes this a purchase worth the price tag, considering how much time I spend sitting during work or recreational time, the chair is plain comfortable. I can’t stress enough how well the chair molds to my body, and how fantastic the lumbar support is. OPSeat has a winning product here, and the price is perfectly within my means. All I can say is for the competitors, watch out, OPSeat has your number.  

You can purchase your own chair through Amazon or directly through OPSeat.


Bobby has been gaming since he was old enough to walk. Since then, the interest has only grown stronger, and here we are today. Follow Bobby on Twitter, and just go with it. @bpashalidis

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