Review: Onrush

Onrush is a racing title that goes against the norms and is not about being the first or fastest vehicle to cross the finish line. Instead, it is a fast-paced chaotic experience that features vehicular destruction at its finest. Similarities will no doubt be drawn alongside Motorstorm, but Onrush delivers a much more refined arcade experience that opens up doors we never knew existed. It combines several genres that exist outside of the realm of racing titles and yet the execution results in a rewarding experience that has you on the edge of your seat as your vehicle slams into opponents knocking them out and becoming victorious.

A perfectly executed tutorial begins the experience and does an incredible job at going through the basics for all newcomers and fully details the importance of utilizing boost to overthrow your opponents on the battlefield. It is important to note that the race track is far from a traditional track and instead is referred to as a battlefield. Players have numerous ways of acquiring boost such as completing jumps, wrecking fodder vehicles, doing tricks while airborne and crushing opponents, to name only a few. Victory can be accomplished by working as a team as there is little room for solo antics while completing objectives. The usage of boost builds up the rush meter which culminates in unleashing a fast-speed weapon of steel that creates a trail of destruction as it passes through enemy vehicles.

The various game modes available offer up countless hours of excitement that feature winning by utilizing boost to increase your team’s score, passing through gates to extend time, maintaining speed within a designated area to capture it, and a cat-and-mouse mode where players have three lives at their disposal to seek out enemies and reduce their switches to zero. These modes are very similar to a first-person shooter experience such as team deathmatch, domination, and search and destroy, but on wheels.


These modes coupled with the selection of eight vehicles ensure a chaotic and engaging experience each time you hit the throttle. Each vehicle can also fall into either an offense, defense, or speed class, each offering their own unique traits that greatly aid allies alongside you. Various traits include creating a shockwave when landing on the ground, dropping boost pickups, increased strength to deliver a knock-out blow, dropping barriers to slow opponents, and leaving a trail of fire to trap and ignite vehicles. A team consisting of various classes can strategically put a hold on enemy aggression and lead to a victory at an increased rate.

Unleashing rush will increase your speed and lead you on a path of destruction towards enemy vehicles, but it should be triggered in familiar areas otherwise it may be short-lived as you project yourself towards trees or cliff sides. Each wreck is also met with a five second respawn time that will put players right back into the action after selecting a vehicle of their choice.


Onrush also features a lot of customizable options where you can select various designs for your driver and vehicle. Experience points are earned from each match which grants players currency to purchase unlockables. Also adding to the overall experience is a refined soundtrack and audio that enhances the nature of the destructive gameplay. Enemy takedowns feel significantly more rewarding due to the Burnout style presentation and the visual design of each track warrants attention as you pass-by at high speeds. Competing during night can also be very forgiving as visibility is limited, giving every turn the potential to wreck your vehicle.

The single-player campaign essentially is a tutorial to prepare drivers for the madness that awaits within the online realm. The campaign, which can also be enjoyed cooperatively, succeeds at putting the player behind the wheel of each vehicle to learn their strengths and weaknesses while exploring the tracks that will turn up while driving against opponents from all over the world. Codemaster’s Onrush is a thrilling and very enjoyable chaotic experience that comes highly recommended.