Review: Omen 800 By HP

It’s here! All week I have been narrowing down my game choice – which game should I play first with the new headset.

When discussing HP products, usually a printer comes to mind but when I heard about their gaming line OMEN by HP I had to get my hands on the headset. Naturally as a horror game enthusiast the headset’s name alone I squealed with excitement. The littlest of details always lure me in. Nevertheless, I won’t leave you hanging anymore let’s take a look at the specifications:


  • Immersive soundscape: With a large diameter, the 53mm driver produces each and every footstep with amazing clarity.
  • Multi-dimensional audio: Select the custom DTS Headphone:X® profile built into most OMEN PCs for a heightened surround sound experience.
  • Supreme comfort: Lightweight suspension headband evenly distributes its weight for incredible comfort during extended gameplay.
  • Connector: Wired, 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Compatibility: Works with PCs and other devices that support 3.5mm audio output
  • Drivers: 53mm neodymium driver
  • Headset sensitivity: 98dB at 1KHz
  • Microphone sensitivity: 61dB
  • Cable length: 6.6′ (2m)
  • Y-adapter length: 5.5″
  • Dimensions: 8.07 x 8.58 x 4.49 in
  • Weight: 0.95 lb
  • Warranty: Rest easy with an HP standard one-year limited warranty.

Eager to get started I couldn’t help but admire the design before I immersed myself into the experience. A floating leatherette covered headband, braided cables, the frame constructed of a thin sturdy metal that fits perfectly once I adjusted the ear cups. The thin red wiring detailing adding a touch of flare. Do I have you excited yet?

I haven’t even mentioned the retractable microphone, once extended with its flexible arm made this one of my favorite features the headset had to offer. I’ve always struggled, whether playing on a console or immersing myself into a VR experience while immersing myself into a game to keep the mic down consistently.

Time to put the OMEN 800 to the test!


It’s clean and crisp! The first words that came to mind hearing the voices come through the headset for the first time. Background noise obsolete- including the multiple times my boyfriend was calling me for dinner. Simply immersed into another realm. Did I mention even at maximum volume  there was no distortion, although with headphones I don’t want to be using them at full volume for very long, but knowing that at full volume I don’t hear any distortion is impressive in itself.

Okay, I’m impressed.

I decided this wasn’t going to end with gaming. As a huge music fan, I decided I would test these not only with my console but for my vast playlist, ranging from genre to genre, heavy to soft. The music sounded rich and full with a perfect balance between lows, mids, and highs. Ranging from Classic Rock all the way to whatever Post Malone states his genre is, the Omen 800 exceeds at playing music, the only issue is the bass while sounding good, doesn’t ever hit home like you’d want it too and if anything these are good listening to music.

Top view closed

Finishing my immersion into another realm, back to reality. The OMEN by HP 800 is an affordable gaming headset with versatility. The overall comfort, sound, and price of this wired gaming headset are impressive and an absolute treat for the ears. Whether you choose to use these for gaming or for music, you won’t have any qualms about the audio drivers producing excellent sound as they deliver in spades. At just over $100, these are affordable and fashionable, and deliver on what is being sold. If you’re interested in purchasing a pair, you can do so at Best Buy Canada, Amazon, or directly from HP.