Review: Netatmo Welcome


The Netatmo Welcome is a neat and exciting smart home security system that is fairly new to the market. The Welcome monitors and alerts the owner to anything going on in their house that is anything out of normalcy. That’s not all the Welcome does, nope, as a no subscription device, you get some excellent facial recognition software that alerts you when your loved ones come and go from the house.



The Netatmo Welcome is easily one of the most user-friendly devices I’ve set up. The process is simple and quick, asking to be added to home network I was up and running in five minutes. The Welcome also relies on an app that is available for both iOS and Android helped guide me through this process and off I went! Netatmo recommends that the Welcome be set up near your front door and away from windows as too much light can hinder the recognition of the software seeing your family. So to set this device up you will need to think of a location central to your home and somewhere that works best for the device.

To get your family set up so the Welcome recognizes them, you need to have them be seen and then create a profile for each member of your family, the camera will learn their faces but needs to see each member if different lights and angles to get a better understanding of who the are.



The Netatmo Welcome boasts a design unlike many other camera systems, it’s a cylinder with a champagne gold finish. It feels sturdy and has a nice weight to it, and allows you to have it sit somewhere in your house and feel much at home on a shelf or table. The Welcome is a simple design behind a smart idea. It’s great. The camera that comes with the device boasts a 130-degree wide-angle lens and can cover a room with minimal blind spots.



The app itself works well, once the Welcome is set up it begins capturing footage and includes an 8GB card for storage. From what I understand, Netatmo has added the feature to upload footage now to DropBox and this is a welcome feature that wasn’t integrated at the time of release. This has been rectified and is now included.

Identifying faces are easy enough and within minutes can have a basic profile set up. There were some issues that would pop up here and there and the device would capture Fed Ex or UPS drivers at my door, often obscuring their face as it tried to recognize them.

The live video is a nice touch and the quality is great – you can set the app to constantly record or to record when someone enters the house, you can set times when to record and you can even get notifications about your family coming or going. Motion alerts are neat and will notify you of anything unusual that might set the camera off as it happens.



I was lucky to be able to test out the new Tags that have released for the Netatmo Welcome. These additional devices come in a set of three and can be placed on doors, windows or on your garage door. The Tag can sense when the door, window or garage is open and can send a notification to your phone telling you that either your door or window have been opened and left like that or if you garage is still open.

The Tags are also able to be placed indoor or outdoors and are waterproof and can be stuck on any door or window with the included tabs. The reach of these can be up to 80 metres (260 feet) away from the Welcome.


The Netatmo Welcome is a smart-home camera system that works well. Setting the device up is simple and navigating the app is a breeze. The device itself fits right in at home and doesn’t stick out to be obtrusive. Aside from finding a permanent placement for the device, once settled will fit right in its surroundings.


Netatmo Welcome









  • It’s a nice looking piece of tech
  • Facial Recognition
  • Easy Setup


  • Placement issues
  • Sometimes would not recognize me