Review: Netatmo Healthy Home Coach


Did you know that the air within your home can be more polluted than the air your breath outside? I didn’t realize how bad this was until I started using the new Netatmo Healthy Home Coach. According to the EPA, this is because we spend approximately 90 percent of our time indoors. Healthy Home Coach allows one to monitor the environment for them and their families by creating optimum environments for indoor living.


Setup for the Healthy Home Coach is simple, plug in the device, download the app and sync your Wi-Fi and device to your network. The rest gets set up in the Home Coach app on the device of your choice. Within five minutes, your device is ready and upgrading its firmware. It even looks like another device we loved by Netatmo, the Welcome, a home security system!


We’ve all had nights where it there was excessive humidity in the air and it prevented you from sleeping comfortably, or it was too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter. With Healthy Home Coach you can see what needs to be done to ensure a satisfied room.

By tapping your finger on the top of the device you can get a basic idea of the rooms air quality, but, you require the app to break down the sensor readings.

Healthy Home Coach works with Apple’s HomeKit and can be setup to work in tandem with your linked devices. Siri can help with that by commanding her to check your room for you.


Netatmo stuffed a handful of sensors inside their newest device that will alert and recommend resolution for your current room. You can see the CO2 readings, humidity, temperature, and, noise. This device learns as it gathers data and provides recommendations on how to improve your environment. What I didn’t like was not being able to track the Carbon Monoxide readings in my home, the device follows CO2 but there is no sign of CO readings.

There are some profiles you can choose from when setting up. For someone with Asthma, the Healthy Home Coach will take readings at regular intervals. The profile itself is much stricter with its readings and will alert you when something needs adjustment in the room.

In my bedroom, as you can see, I received a “Fair” grade, I could definitely do better and my room has been an issue with humidity for some time. I was recommended after to open the window in my room to get the air flowing and cool off the area as it was getting hot in my room. Within five minutes my next reading provided positive news and my rating was bumped from “Fair,” to “Excellent.” I was in a healthy room which came as a surprise as I never thought of my living area to be up to satisfactory.


My family room was equally comfortable when plugging in the Healthy Home Coach up next to my couch. It was always the best spot in my home to lounge and spend time, neither too cold or too hot. Readings were better than my bedroom after completing the suggestions from the device.

The Netatmo Healthy Home Coach is a device that benefits those with babies or small children best. This will ensure your child is comfortable in their rooms, and allow them to live a bit healthier. Air quality is a very big part of ensuring their happiness, and at and affordable $100 for each unit you decide to integrate into your home; well you can make everyone feel comfortable just by keeping the home’s climate in check.