MLB The Show 24

Review: MLB The Show 2024

Is it still hitting for us?

Today marks one month since the release of Sony San Diego’s latest entry in the MLB The Show franchise, so let’s discuss if MLB The Show 24 is batting up to snuff!

And, man, this season’s offering feels like a divisive one, unlike what happened in last year’s cover athlete Shohei Ohtani’s life. Reviewers have praised Sony San Diego for pushing the envelope and taking risks on a swing, while fans on the forums have accused the studio of failing to change their swing over the past few years.

Reviewers have called these a home run, while players call it a swing and a miss. 

Storylines Season 2 still hits with history

MLB The Show 24‘s winning play is the return of the widely-praised “Storylines” mode from MLB The Show 23.


For those who missed it, the mode functions as a real-life events simulator similar to the long-forgotten “Madden Moments,” or NBA 2K24’s deep-dive into Michael Jordan’s legacy.  In MLB The Show 23, the game used teams, jerseys, stadiums and equipment from the time of the Negro League’s under-the-radar history to teach about things like Canada’s own Chatham Coloured All-Stars.

MLB The Show 24 picks back up and recounts the work of Hank Aaron, Josh Gibson and a handful of other Black legends. Season 2 also adds a storyline devoted to the pure ’90s energy of Derick Jeter that brings the big boy himself back to lead you through it as a storyteller.

This is a game as an education at its best and is truly an all-star.

MLB Road to The Same… I mean Show

I will pitch a negative now: Road to the Show.

If you’ve ever followed one of my sports game reviews, you’ll be familiar with the fact that I’m much more of a single-player, offline game mode fan. I want to feel like I made it in the NFL, NHL or MLB when I pick up one of these games. I’m not in it to make friends, take on friends or make it to an online leaderboard.


Road to the Show stays the same this year with several more changes.

The first came totally out of left field: the addition of the ability to be a customizable female pro. There’s an entirely new Road to the Show story based on this that you can read more about from the people behind it.

After a month of having this new story to play through, it feels like a fresh and accurate depiction of what it’s like to be on that journey. It’s a shame it isn’t matched on the other side of the selection.


The men’s game got a new MLB Combine feature that makes the draft feel more dynamic by implementing a hitting derby and scrimmage week that offers coaching and draft prospects and makes you feel the part. After that, there’s not much changed.

It’s hard to stay invested in this mode without a story that keeps me returning every year for the changes. I’ve played a few seasons with the Angels and am ready to retire.

Diamond Dreams

I’ve mentioned above that I’m not much of an online player. But my good friend and Console Creature contributor Court Lalonde has been root, root, rooting for the online competition mode Diamond Dynasty on the PlayStation Generation podcast. So, I’ll let him step up to the plate on this one.

I will say that Sony San Diego finds themselves in a clutch play situation regarding Diamond Dynasty this year and trying to manage the community’s desire for a balanced experience.


They’ve attempted to do this by limiting the number of 90-99 OVR players you’ll get and introducing “cornerstone cards.” These are players’ live cover athlete and Canadian Vladimir Guerrero Jr. The kind of players you are forced to build a team around. More of these players are being released with every update. And while the community has received them as somewhat of a pop-fly right now, there’s a lot with this new system to develop and help grow the competitive meta.


I’ve been dropping in and out of MLB The Show 24 in its first month. I haven’t been keeping up with it religiously the way baseball always demands, and I’m ready to retire from Road to the Show for this year. Still, the idea of a more substantial Diamond Dynasty will keep me tuning in longer.Recommended

[The publisher provided a copy of the game for review purposes.]

Reviewed on: PlayStation 5

MLB The Show 24
Review: MLB The Show 2024
After opening month with Sony San Diego's MLB The Show 24, things seem to be on track for another winning season online, but The Road to the Show is still a bit rocky.
Storylines hits it out of the historical park again
A strong, female-led story in Road to the Show
New changes to Diamond Dynasty could be the sparkle back to online gaming
Didn't Like
Not much change in Road to the Show