Review: Minecraft Wii U Edition Super Mario Mash-Up Pack


It’s hard to deny the influence that Mario has on the video gaming community and industry.  Especially when game developers make countless hidden homages within their titles to our favourite jumpsuit wearing plumber. The latest game to show their love for Mario is Minecraft Wii U Edition. In their Super Mario Mash-Up pack DLC, Minecraft doesn’t only have hidden gems throughout the game but it is a complete overhaul of the look of the game.

For this DLC Nintendo partnered with Minecraft and Mojang to provide not only a Mario skin but also Luigi, Bowser, Princess Peach, Wario and more. This isn’t the first time Minecraft had character skins inspired by a major title, as Skyrim also got that treatment. The difference this time around is this update also includes Super Mario inspired items, landscape and music. Overall the DLC adds 40 new skins, 15 pieces of music and new enemies that include Drybones and Troopas.


Like others, my first console was a SNES and my early gaming experiences included everything that was Mario. So when Nintendo gave me the opportunity to test out this pack I was more than excited and a bit hesitant. I’ve never played Minecraft before (Gasp!). Despite the game being a huge hit and starting a phenomenon that is now engraved in gaming history, for some reason caught on. But when you add a man with a mustache that can rock a bright red hat, well count me in!

When I started the game I was absolutely astonished by the depth of Super Mario Bros in this mash-up pack. The skins are unreal and hilarious. Unreal because they managed to even have Petey Piranha in the pack. The hilarious part comes from all skins having the iconic Minecraft block look; so you are sure to get a good giggle seeing Donkey Kong’s face smoothed into a block. Also now these iconic characters have more detail in their designed and to see them revert back to simplistic pixellated designs is refreshing. Even with block designs the game managed to keep signature details to the skins, like Lenny’s beady eyes.


The retexturing of the items, enemies, animals and environment of the game goes far more in depth than the skins alone. For example for swords are textured to be either hammers or axes, in true Nintendo style, making it fun to battle Creepers. Also sheep are Troopas that maintain a sheep look, by walking around on all fours. The environment in the pack is also retextured using the look of blocks, mushrooms and more. The great thing about the pack is it incorporated different aspects of different Mario games. You are able to spot the opening text of Super Mario World, the sun from Mario Sunshine and even Peach’s castle from Super Mario 64.

Overall Wii U Edition: Super Mario Mash-Up Pack is a fun nostalgic experience that shouldn’t be missed. The amount of detail that is in the pack is outstanding. It really does feel like a completely different game. It feels like a Mario game that is Minecraft inspired, instead of the other way around. If you’re like me and haven’t played Minecraft this is the perfect way to get into crafting and understanding what all the well deserved hype is about. On the other hand, for people that grew up playing Mario games this is a refreshing trip down memory lane. You can literally spend hours in creative mode seeing every hidden and not so hidden gem included. The best part of this pack is free if you already have Minecraft Wii U edition, so please check it out if you haven’t already!