REVIEW: Midway Arcade Level Pack – LEGO Dimensions


Just when I thought my LEGO Dimensions experience was simmering down, I managed to get my hands on the Midway Arcade Level Pack, and realized the affair wasn’t over! And it was certainly a great way to launch Wave 4 of the next set of packs!

Unlike the other Level Packs, the Midway Arcade Level Pack is more of an homage to old school gaming, and features over 20 retro arcade games, including Blasteroids, Defender, Gauntlet 1 and 2, Paperboy, Rampage, Spy Hunter, and more! The Level Pack also comes with three minifigures; Gamer Kid as the playable character, an Arcade Machine, and the G-6155 Spy Hunter vehicle.


The beginning intro shows the main character, simply named Gamer Kid, as he is walking down the street. While he passes the old, run down arcade, a sudden event is triggered and he witnesses all the in-game characters coming to life! The goal of the game is to ultimately beat the high score of each of the 20+ game titles, which will end up restoring things to the way they were. As Gamer Kid, the player can switch his t-shirts to swap out his powers, which include invisibility, super strength, super speed,  invulnerability, and eye lasers. Using those said abilities, you can solve the variety of LEGO-style puzzles and further the level by moving on from one arcade game to the next. The puzzles require the player to defeat the arcade video game villains, so they can rebuild the port that allows you to play the actual arcade games using the Arcade Machine minifigure!


It was really cool being able to play all the fun Midway Arcade games I remember loving as a kid (especially Rampage!), and playing them in a whole new existence and on a new platform; that and the fact LEGO was involved with it somehow! I can definitely see why this was great idea on Warner Bros. part, since it seems to be that most people I know who play LEGO Dimensions are within their late twenties to early 40’s. It’s also a great way to introduce children to some of the arcade classics from their parents’ generation, combining it with their love of LEGO.

Other than the lack of the original Mortal Kombat (which is totally understandable for a kid’s game), it was a fun experience, and a great addition to the LEGO Dimensions series, especially since it was done differently than the other LEGO Level Packs. It’s great that they have such a wide variety of things to do within LEGO Dimensions, not to mention the amount of characters and themes to choose from!

The Midway Arcade Level Pack for LEGO Dimensions is available now!








Midway Arcade Level Pack - LEGO Dimensions











  • Play the old Midway Arcade classics
  • Different experience than some of the other LEGO Dimension packs


  • Some glitches with the graphics
  • Some game freezing may occur