mario party star rush

Review: Mario Party: Star Rush


How many Mario Party games are we at now? We return to the Mushroom Kingdom for another party, and the hijinks don’t seem to stop. It’s like a non-stop party! I still have good memories playing Mario Party on Nintendo 64 and the bizarreness of playing such a game. It’s 2016 and this year we have Mario Party: Star Rush.


Toad Scramble is the biggest and best mode. You have to collect stars here all while playing tons of minigames while facing bosses and unlocking new allies across maps.

Other modes include Coinathlon which has you racing for coins, Mario Shuffle, which can be unfair at times, as you roll dice to get to the other end. There’s also Balloon Bash, which has you collecting coin balloons as you play minigames. There’s also a challenge tower that sees you climbing the tower to the top and feels like minesweeper all over again. Rhythm Recital has you moving to the rhythm of classic series tunes.mariopartystarrush_-marioshuffle

A cool feature that Nintendo has brought into Mario Party: Star Rush is Party Guest mode. This essentially allows anybody with a 3DS to play almost all of the game, as long as one person has the full game. This still doesn’t beat having a room full of people playing Mario Party on a television. It’s not the same but if you can get enough people to play on their handheld, it can be fun.

Mario Party: Star Rush features some interesting minigames to work your way through, but, the amount of them included in the game feels light. You unlock minigames as you play through Toad Scramble, and as you level up you’ll this is how you unlock them.


Mario Party: Star Rush works well on the 3DS. It’s a solid game, for the most part, the issue faced with Star Rush is the light content in some modes, leaving the game feeling a bit empty. The game shines when played with friends in some capacity but as a solo player, there is a good chance for having a party of your own.

Mario Party Star Rush











  • Fun minigames
  • Guest mode
  • Visuals are good


  • Gets boring quickly
  • Boring minigames