Little Kitty Big City

Review: Little Kitty Big City Is One Of This Year’s Best Indies

Little Kitty Big City, the debut game from developers Double Dagger Studio, is one of my favourite games this year. Starring the titular Little Kitty, it constantly oozes charm, is a blast to play, and is filled with a memorable cast of cute and zany characters. It’s a light-hearted adventure that is perfect for both kids and adults. It reminds me a lot of Untitled Goose Game in the best ways, as the creativity and fun on display here are unique and equally disruptive to the city’s inhabitants.

Little Kitty, Big City Dreams

We pick up with the Little Kitty as they nap on the window sill of their home. Following a slightly too big stretch, they sail into the big city, stories underneath their home. After jumping out of a garbage can that served as their landing, the adventure back up to their home begins. The issue is that the Kitty is just too tired and needs fish to replenish their strength ahead of the climb up.


The city that serves as the game’s setting is full of people going about their days and several animals that need help. The writing is pitch perfect, with every critter you meet having a fun personality. Whether it’s a Crow on the hunt for shinies, a constantly experimenting Tanuki, or a Beetle at the whim of their cat influencer boss, each one is memorable and so much fun to talk to. The quests they offer are of a good variety. The Beetle, for example, needs a new smartphone to update their boss’s social feeds. This leads the Kitty to trip a passerby holding their phone, grabbing it and running away before they get back up. Each mission brings something new, whether it’s catching birds, scaling buildings, or saving a bunch of little ducks lost around the city. It’s constantly engaging.


The city itself is also designed well. It’s the perfect size, giving you plenty of room to run around and buildings to climb without ever feeling empty or too large. Finding more fish will give you more energy, allowing you to scale to greater heights and find new areas. The platforming feels good, as the jump has both a quick hop and a more precise long jump that outlines the landing spot.


The main story can be completed in about 4 hours, but there’s more to do. Whether it’s finding hats around the city, completing achievements, helping other animals, or collecting shinies to buy more hats from the Crow, there’s a lot more fun to find outside of the main goal. Little Kitty, Big City lets you tackle the main quest at your own pace, focusing more on the adventure and city than the climb itself. Finally, scaling the apartment building, you find your home awesome.


Playing the game on Switch worked well as well. I barely experienced any frame drops, and outside of the initial load-in and fast travel, there are no loading screens. It’s an adorable adventure to have on the go.


Little Kitty, Big City should not be slept on in a year already full of amazing indie games. It’s an adorable adventure full of heart, never too difficult, but constantly cute and full of charm. The characters are fantastic, the world is fun to explore, and the quests have great variety. Little Kitty, Big City is just wonderful.


[The publisher provided a copy of the game for review purposes.]

Reviewed on: Switch

Little Kitty Big City
Review: Little Kitty Big City Is One Of This Year’s Best Indies
Little Kitty, Big City is one of this year's best indies, full of charm and a blast to play. It's constantly engaging and packed with heart.
Cute characters
Fun gameplay
Varied quests
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