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Review: LEGO Dimensions Wave 7.5

LEGO Batman Movie

Traveler’s Tales has been absolutely knocking it out of the park with it’s LEGO Dimensions ip acquiring rights to countless titles and giving us awesome LEGO-ized versions of things we never thought we’d ever see in the LEGO world such as Ghostbusters, Simpsons, and even The Goonies! Recently, they’ve released Wave 7.5 of LEGO Dimensions and it’s nothing short of surprising and incredible. Wave 7.5 brings the LEGO Batman Movie and Knightrider into the Dimensions family. Let’s take a look.

LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack:

StoryPack NA LegoBatman 71264 e1489040794693

Following on the heels of the recently released LEGO Batman Movie, LEGO Dimensions has given us it’s contribution to the world of LEGO Batman in the form of an exciting Story Pack and an awesome Fun Pack.

First of all the builds. They look great. Everything about them is great in my opinion. We get an extra Minifigure in the Story pack while the base build takes a more minimalistic approach which still looks incredible, easily my favorite base so far. The Batwing looks incredible as well, I’m becoming a fan of these minimalistic builds.

Focusing on the minifigures, the Batgirl minifig is my favorite from the set. From the blue of the costume to the detail on the torso, topped off with a detachable utility belt and pony tail, the minifigure is ALMOST perfect. One thing I would have liked on the figure is a cape, though. The minifigure lacks a vital piece of the costume that the movie counterpart dons with pride. The Batgirl addition to the LEGO Dimensions world also adds a new type of mechanic that acts a lot like Batman’s detective mode from the Arkham games. By putting her on each of the three sections on the base you activate a different type of detective mode. This was a really fun mechanic to utilize and I look forward to it whenever I can.

Lego Dimensions Batman 1

The Robin minifigure is great as well, but the quality drop is apparent when comparing it to a Robin minifig from an actual LEGO set. Still, the color and detail on the body are great and HE HAS A CAPE! Robin is able to switch from his red Robin suit to his ‘Nightwing’ suit from the movie as easy as a ‘rip!’. Robin also has the ability to repair certain items, use poles, and enter vaults.

The Story Pack costs $50 and what we get in-game is easily worth that price tag. The story is a decent length with 6 story levels, that can be replayed over and over again. The open world HUB is incredible and offers AT LEAST 20 hours of gameplay with the numerous collectibles, side quests, and things to do you won’t be getting bored anytime soon. As with almost every other LEGO game the humor is apparent and really in your face in this, and that’s totally cool. This is why you play Traveller’s Tales’ games, the humor. I hope it never fades.

Batgirl LD Screenshot

Unfortunately, humor isn’t the only thing that comes hand and hand with LEGO games. Another thing almost guaranteed is bugs and glitches. The most apparent are the framerate drops. As TT is still developing the game for the last gen consoles, sadly this means those playing on the current gen consoles (Xbox One, PS4) must take a hit to the graphics as well as lighting effects. As well, the loading times less than ideal.

The platforming needs work. A couple times during the story had me super frustrated, the issue is  I doubt we’ll get it fixed anytime soon as the Traveller Tales mechanics haven’t seemed to change much in the last couple years and I don’t see them fixing them for at least a couple more.

LEgo Dimensions Batman 2

The movie scene cutscenes were recreated in the in-game engine. Very disappointing as the quality difference is very noticeable. On the contrary, The LEGO Movie Game used movie cutscenes beautifully and it worked out really well. Could be a licensing issue, but if not I have no idea why they didn’t just use movie cutscenes where they could. I understand not wanting to release 60% of the movie in the game, but they could always shape it around the scenes shown in the trailer.

Some of the voice work is off. Many characters don’t sound like they did in the movie (I know they’re different VA’s) Alfred sounds nothing like movie Alfred (Ralph Fiennes), Robin sounds nothing like movie Robin (Michael Cera), etc. Other LEGO projects have had fairly good vpice replication

The LEGO Batman Movie expansion is all and all a success. It’s given us the best portal base so far, as well as the first expansion to give us 2 minifigures which are both great. The game is great and funny as well as a decent length. The game only suffers from occasional bugs and terrible voice acting.

LEGO Batman Movie ‘Excalibur’ Fun Pack

ExpansionPack NA BatmanExcal FunPack 71258 e1489041025511

If you want to play around in the LEGO Batman Movie HUB world but don’t want to or can’t sell out the $50 for the Story Pack, then the LEGO Batman Movie ‘Excalibur’ Fun Pack is a great alternative. At only $15, it gives you an incredible minifigure, minibuild, AND access to the HUB world for maximum fun.

The physical aspect of this pack is incredible in every way. The minifigure of Medieval Batman is everything I’ve ever wanted in a Batman minifig. Almost entirely silver with yellow and blue highlights and a nice blue cape, it’s a such an awesome looking figure. Top everything off with big shoulder pads and a BIG ASS sword, congratulations, you’ve just made the best Batman minifig ever. Batman’s sword grants him basically the same abilities of Finn (Adventure Time) and his sword. Other than that, there’s nothing else new about this set. The horse build is pretty cool as well. It’s a minimalistic build but it still looks like a horse and looks cool. It’s legs are made up from LEGO gun parts, like come on, how much more do you need to hear?

Knightrider Fun Pack:

ExpansionPack NA KnightRider FunPack 71286 e1489042769594

One of the brand new IP’s coming to LEGO Dimensions is the Knightrider Fun pack. The pack comes with a minifigure of David Hasselhoff’s Michael Knight as well as a minibuild of K.I.T.T. Like the LEGO Batman Movie ‘Excalibur’ pack, this is also a smaller set that will only set you back $15. The set gains you access to the special Knightrider HUB world with sidequests and collectible as well as a brand new battle arena for 4-player co-op combat!

I can finally say that I own a LEGO version of the Hoff! The Michael Knight has the maximum amount of detail possible for a not very interesting character design. No one’s at fault here, it’s just not a super interesting look. It’s got Michael’s signature poofy, 1980’s hair as well as his black leather jacket and red undershirt. One thing I really like about the figure is that most minifigs are equipped with 2 faces with two very different emotions (happy/sad, happy/scared, happy/angry, etc.). Michael Knight does in fact have 2 face options, 1 happy face and 1 even happier face, incredible.

Knight H e1489044162218

The mini-build of K.I.T.T. looks great. If it wasn’t packaged with the Knightrider set it could pass off as a Batman vehicle, very black. Seriously tho, K.I.T.T. looks spot on, everything black with slight red highlights where it matters. This Fun Pack just makes me want a full Knight Rider LEGO set that much more.

LEGO Dimensions’ Wave 7.5 is a weird but successful wave. Batman and Knightrider haven’t been paired together often (or at all?) but it works. The minifigs are all great, as with the minibuilds and the portal build. The open-world HUB’s are incredible in-depth and fun with lots to do. The LEGO Batman Movie sets are obviously the highlights for me (being a huge Batman fan) but the Knightrider set stands on its own as a great set. Apart from occasional bugs, and voice work, this wave is near perfect, and I hope that TT Games keeps up the good work.

LEGO Dimensions Wave 7.5













  • Lots Of Fun
  • Good Amount of Bang For Your Buck
  • Funny
  • Incredible Builds


  • Poor Voice Cast
  • Bugs and Glitches