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Review: Doctor Who Level Pack – LEGO Dimensions


If there is one universe I could say was my favourite addition to LEGO Dimensions, it would have to be the Doctor Who universe, hands down! And with the release of the Doctor Who Level Pack, I couldn’t be more thrilled!

The Doctor Who Level Pack includes the Twelfth Doctor Minifigure, the TARDIS, and a K-9 companion. The main story for the pack is entitled “The Dalek Extermination of Earth,” in which the world as we know it has been destroyed and taken over by the Daleks. It’s up to you and the Doctor (and maybe LEGO Batman…) to go back in time to fix the past in order to correct the future and finally put an end to the evil Davros and his Daleks’ takeover! It was fun having to go back in time to London’s past and present and making small changes that helpfully affect the future.


This is the third LEGO Dimensions Level Pack I have played so far (including the Portal 2 and Back to the Future Level Packs), and I have to say, this is not only my favourite one yet, but also the longest, most thought-out pack out of the three. And unlike other packs, this was the first one where I rarely found secret areas for characters I did not have. My saving grace for that had to be the addition of K-9. Not only could you ride him and use his blaster abilities, but he was also able to break anything in silver, which most in-game secrets were blocked with. The TARDIS was also a fun little addition to the game since it wasn’t only used as a vehicle. Still, like the DeLorean (Back to the Future Level Pack), it was used as a time machine and, once placed on specific ports, could teleport the player from London’s past, present, and future, depending on the area you were in. And it wouldn’t be LEGO Dimensions without little puzzles, and this Level Pack was full of them, including little server mini-games you had to crack using the Doctor.

Speaking of that clever man, let’s talk about how fantastic the Doctor is… even in LEGO form; he can do no wrong! Using his Sonic Screwdriver (no, fellow Whovians, he thankfully did not have his Sonic Sunglasses), players can break Dalek technology and unlock areas specific to the Doctor. Did I also mention he’s voiced by Peter Capaldi, the Twelfth Doctor, himself?!


The story was fantastic, and it was a lot of fun to stop the Daleks and Davros as the Twelfth Doctor; I felt like the Companion I always wished I could be, but I have to say… what happened at the end of the story excited me more than anything. You can unlock the Doctor’s regenerations once you beat the story! Every time you die, you regenerate as the next Doctor in line! And not only does your Doctor change, but the TARDIS music and interior change to match each Doctor! I think a little feature made it for me, and I’m sure it will work for many other fans too! I screamed like a massive fan girl when I got to the Ninth and Tenth Doctors!

If you want to purchase any of the LEGO Dimensions Level Packs and get your money’s worth, the Doctor Who Level Pack is your best bet. With the length of the story mode, the addition of the Doctor and the insanely good K-9 characters, this pack is worth it! If you’re a Doctor Who fan, it’s an even more significant gain, with the number of references and nostalgia factor it offers. The other fun thing about including Doctor Who in the LEGO Dimensions universe is that the whole storyline could be entirely plausible from the Twelfth Doctor’s perspective.

The Doctor Who Level Pack is available now for $29.99! Don’t forget; you can catch Doctor Who on Space Saturdays at 9 pm EST!

Doctor Who Level Pack











  • Perfect for all ages and especially Doctor Who fans and Whovians
  • Worth the price
  • Awesome soundtrack
  • Great use of the Doctor Who universe, encorporated into LEGO


  • Can be confusing at times in figuring out where to go, and what to do in each of the puzzles