Review: Layers Of Fear: Inheritance


When the original Layers of Fear released a few months back, we loved it and it was scary enough that we recommended it to our viewers. With Layers of Fear: Inheritance, we’re jumping back in but this time in the shoes of the painter’s daughter who has returned to the house of her father to receive her inheritance.

We return to the very setting of Layers of Fear, the house itself hasn’t changed, and as the daughter, we explore the house before and after the original game, reliving her childhood as she explores the rooms and hallways of the house.


The daughter of the painter has a sturdier mind and with that, her journey through her father’s house feels more in tune with the player. She has voice dialogue and you can see she is reliving memories as she steps in rooms, she has a voice and it is welcome to be heard.

Her outlook on what occurred in the main game helps piece together a bigger picture. During the course of Layers of Fear, the daughter had an alienated relationship with her parents, this tidbit reflects on the original game, allowing us to see why, at least partially, what made her father become so broken.

The music works in a way that keeps you on edge while trekking through hallways, old rooms full of memories and during tense moments where things jump out at you.layers-of-fear-dlc

Gameplay is leisurely and going from room to room, seeing what the room has to show you and then moving to the next objective hasn’t changed. The perspective has, though, and you see things from the daughter’s side from when she was younger, solving puzzles to provide answers.

This all culminates with one of three different endings, each ending adding playtime to the overall package.

Layers of Fear: Inheritance is a solid piece of content for the base game, Layers of Fear. The unfortunate continuation of jump scares throws off the flow at times, but, based on the value of the content and the length, it’s recommended to try this DLC out.

Layers of Fear: Inheritance











  • Good content
  • New perspective
  • Creepy


  • Short