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Review: Job Simulator


I’ve seen some hilarious videos around the web and what people get themselves into when they play Job Simulator. It’s hilarious and it’s goofy and it’s a great way to launch the PlayStation VR. As you play you are tasked by a robot to complete four different jobs! You can pick a mechanic, an office clerk, a chef or a store clerk. It sounds menial, but really it’s not.

What would be everyday tasks in these fields: inspecting a car, frying an egg, hiring new people, or selling someone a magazine, it’s how you’re allowed to actually do these things that makes this a must try. The robot overlords give you the freedom to get the job done any way you see fit and this allows for some hilarious results.jobsim_psvr_3

Each job in Job Simulator has a set of tasks to complete and roughly take 20-30 minutes to finish each one. Obviously, this is up to you and however long you plan on causing mischief, but, it’s a short experience. How you plan on swapping the car’s oil or how somebody orders their food is part of the job. What’s up to you is how bad you plan on ruining that for them and what you do to get the work finished to be able to clock out.jobsim_psvr_4

There are some issues, however, as the PlayStation Camera can’t pick up all your movements and will lose track of what you’re doing if you go out of range. As an office clerk, I decided to get on the floor of my desk and search my trash for no reason in particular. I could interact with the bin and rummaged but the camera had issues following what I was doing and cause some issues.

The game itself has very few hiccups and allows for a solid experience. What doesn’t work is the length as there are only four jobs to pick from and each lasts no more than a half hour, there is little to return to once the gimmick of a job simulator wears off.

The simple tasks Job Simulator asks you to complete work well because of how absurd the idea of the game is. It helps that the game doesn’t take itself seriously and encourages players to be goofy. The limitations of the PlayStation VR can be seen here as the gameplay and camera tracking have issues syncing up at times.

Job Simulator











  • Silly and goofy
  • Freedom to be weird
  • Robots!


  • Short career paths
  • Replayability