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Review: Hitman 2

The previous Hitman release was an episodic reboot that gave players a new level every month to explore and highlight the many possibilities featured within each area. Hitman 2 returns to a full-game release where the canvas of death is presented before the player and they are able to choose their brush, colours, and motions to carry out their masterpiece of death.

Hitman 2 focuses on Agent 47 uncovering the truth and hunting down an organization called Providence. Diana Burnwood is his partner in crime, offering information and guiding you through your objectives while travelling across the world to locations such as Florida, Colombia, and Mumbai. Here is where your skills will be put to the test.

Hitman 2 excels at defining the experience through the player’s creative mindset. Every target presents you with numerous options on how you can strategize their assassination. The careful attention to detail and the studying of AI movement can lead to an opening, the acquisition of disguises can lead to playing the part of a close associate, or opting for a quick kill under the pressure of being revealed, evokes a sense of thrill and enjoyment that many games fail to achieve. You can spend as little, or as much, time as you want perfecting the assassination and each playthrough will create new opportunities and the potential for an entirely new experience.

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These new experiences are a direct result of utilizing your problem solving skills to overcome obstacles that lie between you and your target. Exploration and careful environmental manipulation will both aid and surprise you while progressing through the six locations within Hitman 2. Each level also offers its own Mission Stories that provide options of completing various tasks to provide you with alternative means of achieving success. A trial-and-error approach can result in some tense moments, but Hitman 2’s experience is all about giving you the tools necessary to explore these options. It is highly recommended to save often as one minor mistake can be fatal, but more importantly, more frequent saves will unleash the creative mastermind within. Following the road less taken will present you with more rewarding and impressive moments.

Utilizing the environment and items around you help encourage a stealthy approach to every situation as engaging in an open firefight will be short-lived as players will easily be overpowered. The opening beach house level sets the stage and tone of your desired playstyle. I resorted to sneaking around every corner and ridding my targets with Agent 47’s trademark fiber wire weapon. It is extremely satisfying to complete your task without raising any suspicion or alarms and carry on to your next objective. Poisoning drinks and relying on your silenced pistol are also available options, but the key aspect of Hitman 2 is the freedom to make the choice of how to proceed. Specific tasks will also require patience, but rest assured the outcome is well worth the wait. The excitement of successfully eliminating your target will always result in excitement and that is the main takeaway from Hitman 2 as you replay each level to see what other options are available to kill your enemies.

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Hitman 2 also offers up an abundant amount of content that will keep players entertained for many hours. The ghost and sniper modes alone are worthy additions to the overall package, but having what seems like an endless amount of content through replayability will turn a seven hour experience into a minimum of forty.

Hitman 2 makes an exciting comeback from its previous episodic adventure as it offers players a multitude of items and weapons to inflict punishment upon their targets. Your experience will be defined through your own creativity as a key element to being successful in Hitman 2 is being able to uncover the opportunities available to remove enemy threats. You never know what to expect when trying certain actions, but that is the most enjoyable aspect. Hitman 2 offers up an experience that needs to be played by veterans and newcomers alike as it comes highly recommended this holiday season! Just make sure Santa Clause is free of any barcodes before receiving your gifts.

[A copy of the game was provided to us by the publisher for review purposes.]