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Review: Guardians Of The Galaxy ‘Under Pressure’

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Action takes a back seat as we move along in the premiere season of Guardians of the Galaxy. Episode 2 is now out, titled ‘Under Pressure’ (sorry if its stuck in your head now), and we’re back with our favorite bunch of dummies after they learned just what the Eternity Forge can do. Episode 2 trades the intense action for some quality character building from each of the main members of this story. We get to know more about how they tick and how your actions have already greatly affected some of them. ‘Under Pressure’ really shows that the funniest people may be the most tragic of them all.

Like I said, there’s a lot of character building in this episode. We get to learn more about the sister relationship between Gamora and Nebula (something that was also touched upon in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2), as well as how our actions in the first episode have affected Drax (I mostly chose Gamora over him in the first episode). Before the episode released we were told we would learn about Rocket’s past, and as an avid comic reader I had a good idea what they were going to do, what I didn’t know was that they were planning on destroying my heart. Comedy definitely takes a back seat here as Telltale gives us one of its most tragic episodes since Season 1 of their Walking Dead series.

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As we learn about Rocket’s past on Half-World and how he was literally a lab-rat for this crazy scientist to poke, prod, and implant various cybernetics to his heart’s content. It’s here on Halfworld where we’re introduced to some key characters in Rocket Raccoon’s origin. We get to learn how he became the sarcastic jerk that he portrays in the movies and comics (and of course the game). Without getting too spoilery, Rocket Raccoon’s story might be the most tragic of the whole team (yes even Peter’s). Telltale handled the emotional scenes REALLY well. They were beautifully acted out, the voice work was done fantastic, and it really did break my heart a bit. It felt very real, and made me forget that we’re dealing with a talking raccoon (and other talking wildlife). This episode not only changed the season, but the movies and comic books as well. Rocket is a totally different character to me now.

Staying along the lines of voice work, we’re introduced to a few new characters in this episode. Most of them were secondary or tertiary characters but they all gave good performances. We see Yondu a bunch more in this episode and as much as he sounds like a try-hard impression of Michael Rooker, it works well for the character therefore no complaints.

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Earlier in the review I praised the episode for it’s character development with the team and while that was great, this is still a video game therefore it needs to have some level of interaction. Episode 2 was full of dialogue which had it’s own means of interaction, but there wasn’t much else past that. Episode 1 had space battles and a fight with Thanos for crying out loud. There can be room for development with an equal amount of action.

One of the biggest things that really bothered me this episode was the dialogue. More specifically, Star Lord’s dialogue with literally anyone else. I would pick a dialogue option thinking it would play out one way, but then once Star Lord said it it’s meaning totally flipped, or Star Lord said it in a tone that came out really insincere and flat out douchey. Pretty disappointing when I’m trying to build relationships with these characters and I’m pissing them off on accident!

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Other than that there were no real big issues aside from the bugs and glitches. But even they weren’t THAT bad this episode. Some of the major ones that still need fixing is the frame stutters after almost every scene transition, as well as the audio sync with the characters faces. The latter gets out of hand more than it should.

All in all, Telltale gives us a more than decent second episode in the Guardians of the Galaxy’s story. They definitely have my interest and my desire for more, the cliffhanger ending made sure of that. I would have liked some more action in my game, but the character developing is alright as long as we get some space-shooty-face-smashey action next episode. Guardians of the Galaxy ‘Under Pressure’ is a must play for any fan of the cosmic team, or any fan of Rocket Raccoon as he clearly had the spotlight this episode.