Review: Good Job!

I’ve been working since I was 15 when I began in retail and learned how hard dealing with customers really was. Over the years, I’ve had several jobs that I just couldn’t stand, and those places are where I’d goof off the entire time. We’ve all been there and it’s clear that Good Job understands the grind is sometimes not worth the money being offered. At the time, I was less concerned about the work and more about the paycheque but now, I’m an adult with a great job that I love.

Some of us even end up working for our parents in their business, and as such, you’ll need to learn the ins-and-outs of the family business. In Good Job! you start off as the offspring and future CEO of your father’s business, but nepotism won’t help you here as you begin at the bottom of the company and work your way to the top.

In a series of excellent scenarios, you’ll start your corporate journey on the first floor, starting with easy things like moving a projector or reconnecting power supplies that are broken. The funny thing is that even if you’re careful, things tend to break easily at dad’s place of business so it’s hilarious to see things crumble when you’re trying to complete a task properly. I would, for example, move a power cable, but at the wrong angle, which would tangle and catch on a worker’s chair or their desk. They’d be dragged along the floor, coffee pouring off their desk and the collateral damage counter going up. I’m a terrible intern that needs to be stopped.

Switch GoodJob 02

Things on each floor never get too complicated, however, I did find myself wondering the best way to get tasks done. The higher you go within the building, the more things you’ll need to accomplish before moving on. Generally, the flow works well and never bolsters progress but, in some instances, I did feel like I was led astray from the correct path. Thankfully, there are a few ways to solve each room and one example is using power cords like a bungee cord to jostle a projector to a board meeting (it is absurd as it sounds).

Each task offers up rewards for completing tasks. You can earn silly hats and costumes that you can wear and each thing you finish on each floor is graded. Costumes are usually part of a theme, and worth earning if you’re someone who enjoys grabbing collectibles. If you try to complete something a bit more traditional and by the book, you are graded on your performance based on how well you avoid collisions and not breaking things. On the other side of things, the faster you finish and the more you break inside the office, you’re rated on how speedily things finish. Guess which of these is a lot more to do?

good job switch screenshot01

Good Job! is also beautifully detailed and colourful. There’s a wonderful amount of colour to each floor, each floor belonging to a different department that needs work done. There’s also a co-op component that allows for two players to work together and cause as much havoc as possible to complete each floor’s goal. Playing with a second player is about as much fun as you’d expect, and it works well and effectively makes the game easier.


Good Job!‘s is an exciting game that while simple, is full of hilarious and charming scenarios that made me smile at the destruction. It’s a short and sweet video game that is a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch thanks to its bite-sized gameplay chunks. If you’ve ever worked in an office and were off-put by the rigid structure, you’ll have a blast as you cause damage to the workplace. After all, you can’t do this in real life so make the most of the situation and do a Good Job!