Review: Ghost Giant

Ghost Giant is exactly the kind of VR adventure Sony needs on its consoles. With warm and wonderful characters, using the PlayStation VR connects you to these characters in a way only VR can. It’s why I’m a big fan of the platform in general, because these headsets while still in their infancy, offer the potential to not only transport us to new worlds but involve ourselves with characters and situations in those places.

From Swedish developer Zoink Games (Fe) the studio delivers its first romp in the virtual space with Ghost Giant, a puzzle-adventure video game in which you are the invisible protector of a young and lonely boy named Louis. Keep in mind that Louis is the only one who can see you and you initially frighten the boy. It’s up to you to win him over and become friends.

Ghost Giant takes place in Sancourt, a small town full of anthropomorphic animals live ideally with matching storybook homes. Sancourt is quaint and offers that rustic, wonderful warm feeling small towns exude. I’m a big fan of how alive the world felt when I was staring down at the inhabitants.


Using the Move controllers to navigate and represent your ghostly arms in the game, you’re able to interact with the world and help Louis complete what he needs to do. You might need to pick up something or look at a photo for example, and the basics of what you do involve either pointing or pinching an item. You’re a massive ghost so you’re always looking down at Louis or the people he’s talking to, you can even peek into their homes and interact with them.

It’s all basic gameplay, but that is exactly why I enjoyed every minute of my time playing Ghost Giant. I wasn’t worrying about quest markers, ammo, bosses, or collectibles. Instead, I focused on the story and helping Louis left me feeling rewarded and happy. I cared for this little boy and really felt his sadness at times, and he felt like a real character with real problems and we were going through things together.

GhostGiant gameplayScreenshot Market

Granted, Ghost Giant isn’t a long title by any means, the entire thing takes no more than five hours and only depends on how fast you’re able to solve the puzzles. In addition, there are several hidden secret items, hats and tasks you’re offered to complete if you want to fully get the experience. It’s up to you how you want to proceed.

To my surprise, sound design in Ghost Giant is wonderful. With fitting music from start to finish, as well as a well-voiced cast of characters – a necessity when telling such an emotional tale. Add in the fact this is a solid looking video game and one of the better-looking PlayStation VR titles, this is one you shouldn’t miss out on. Each level unfolds like a diorama and it’s a beautiful sight in VR, painting a picturesque view of the world.

GhostGiant gameplayScreenshot Market


Ghost Giant isn’t by any means a hard video game and it doesn’t have to be. Instead, with the focus on helping young Louis in his daily struggles serves as the perfect distinction for a VR title. While the story is a bit on the short side, it is a ton of fun and touching. If anything, Ghost Giant is easily one of the best VR offerings PlayStation currently offers with some of the best sound design and graphics the headset is able to output. I recommend this title to anyone who is able to experience it.

[A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for review purposes.]