Far Cry 6

Review: Far Cry 6

Far Cry is a legendary saga that has earned its place in video game history by having its own personality. Even today, it is able to maintain itself and evolve over time. Among the games of this franchise, I believe that the one that will have marked the public the most is Far Cry 3 with the charismatic antagonist: Vaas.

What I have observed from Far Cry 6 is that it is exactly the same playing principle as its predecessors without actually reinventing the wheel: it mixes satisfying gameplay with a great story in which you can dig with its multiple charismatic characters in this world undeniably inspired by Cuba.

It’s Far Cry, after all!

It doesn’t matter when you play Far Cry, you are that protagonist who most of the time ends up by the most unfortunate coincidence in the midst of conflict. Subsequently, you find yourself having to defeat the leader of this conflict who will probably be at the head of an army or an extremely wealthy group of terrorists.

In a fictional open-world universe, you play Dani (who you can choose as a male or female character), a young person who wishes to leave the small island of Yara to travel to Miami, North America, in order to find a normal life there.


Unfortunately, during our cruise, we will be confronted with an event that will eventually introduce us to Anton Castillo, the President, on a vulgar fishing boat. He came to retrieve something important to him before letting his fleet fire on the small boat, killing all of its passengers, or almost. Stranded on the shore of a small island, we will meet Clara, the leader of Libertad, guerrilleros who, alongside legends like Juan Cortez, will wage war on the President.

In all fairness, the narrative of the story may seem ordinary, but trust me, it’s great. The other point that stressed me about this game was the fact that it was once again a vast open-world in which you would be called upon to navigate here and there in order to find chests, secrets, points to capture and more. God knows how cold I sweat when I see a point on the map to investigate that still hasn’t been completed. It’s a real obsession!


That said, Yara had everything perfect to keep me from slipping into checkpoint madness with her landscapes that you travel on foot, on horseback, in the car or in the air. Sun-drenched cliff-edge roads, sandy beaches full of crabs, and dense jungles where you can hear the wild animals that have taken refuge there.


As mentioned before, not only is there a very charismatic and interesting enemy leader, let’s face it… Giancarlo Esposito is undoubtedly an excellent choice to play Anton Castillo, but our allies are also full of personality and you will want to learn more about them. Each zone also has its own captain who makes its place in the history of the game as well. Not to mention the relationship between Anton and his son Diego, which is a tad funny but interesting.

Welcome to Yara

Having been able to play the game on PlayStation 5, the result of the experience was very fluid with its 60 frames per second and textures in 4K. Yara Island is definitely a beautiful place and the Latin touch, as well as the references to Cuba, are very present.


Visually, it is a marvel. The details that have been put in are very amazing. Everything looks incredibly true. Unfortunately, this does not apply to characters who sometimes have a less realistic look, which may be displeasing to some players.


The vast map offered does not have different climates since it is one and the same place, but the diversity is felt by the villages, rivers, sea, forests and mountains. You will have a lot to explore, conquer and do beyond the main missions of the game.


In some sidequests, you will even have to go fishing, race others on jetskis or with other means of transportations, go hunting for legendary animals and even Bandidos’ special operations. All these sidequests will provide you with rewards like Yarano pesos or even better gears.

A new way to become stronger

In Far Cry 6, you do not level up, you rank up. You’re a soldier of the revolution, after all. And while in practice it looks basically the same, the progression system is different from Far Cry 5 and New Dawn. No skill tree requires unlocking, and no talent requires investment. So despite moving up the ranks, you find yourself mostly in an action-adventure game rather than an RPG, and as far as I am concerned, that’s perfect.


The progression system will rather be based on the equipment and weapons to which you will have access according to your soldier rank. So this means that you already have access to everything from the very beginning, only you have to earn it. This new way of proceeding is superb knowing that the customization of our equipment will ultimately have an impact on the gameplay. Some enemies will have different strengths and weaknesses and you will have to exploit these by changing what you are wearing constantly.

We will also have passive upgrades, knowing that we will be able to invest resources in guerilla camps, allowing you both to find novelties in the stores to improve your weapons but also in the support of other guerillas who become stronger and are in the possibility of carrying out their tasks properly.


By the way, you still have treasure hunts in Far Cry 6, and unlike its predecessor, you don’t just stop at finding the place, finding the treasure, and leaving. Sometimes there are little stories connected to these particular places and it is very pleasant to be able to read them or live them.

Want to play in co-op?

Far Cry 6 offers the possibility to play the whole game in coop with friends and that is one amazing piece of news. Enemies will be tougher on coop mode. At least, that’s what I seem to have found because one of the missions was much more intense for two than when I had done it solo as I remembered. Otherwise, I played the Far Cry 6 experience as a duet with another reviewer and we had a lot of fun. The only small disadvantage, on the other hand, the progression is not saved for the one who joins the other’s game. Of course, you keep the ranks as well as the gears and items obtained during your adventure, but you will have to redo all the missions once you return to your game.


Now, for the bad part

I don’t want to be rude to Ubisoft but one of the things that are very present in most of its open-world games is the deficiency of artificial intelligence. Certainly, when you besiege a base, they will position themselves, sound the alarm and attack you, making the action very intense and complete. But often when you come across enemies on the road, they are easy to kill. Not to mention that the “stealth” side of the game is simply not to find yourself in their field of vision and being quiet. You might even be able to shoot them as much as you want without them even noticing you! Not to mention the fact that even if you’re a guerrilla warrior, you won’t have any confrontations as long as you’ve sheathed your weapon.


The other bugs, often very well known in Ubisoft universes, are the problem of collisions, of NPCs who run into horses on motorcycles and who get stuck honking while the horse is half passed through the ground… but the funniest of all was seeing a friendly NPC horseback riding approaching me as I landed my helicopter on the ground to go activate a sidequest to end up blowing up in because the horse that was touching my cockpit was considered to be causing damage. It took nearly two or three seconds for my full health chopper to go “Boom”!


Add to that the time a tank blew up my car and I flew a few meters, not to say kilometres, from where I was … or the famous time my parachute had become a non-existent object and that I flattened like a pancake on the ground.


Despite the constant bugs we encounter in Ubisoft games, Far Cry 6 is visually gorgeous and very fun to play, especially in co-op! I definitely had a great time with Far Cry 6 and that’s what I’m going to stick to. I’d even say that Far Cry 6 is better than Far Cry 3! Of course, I will not be claiming that this is a grandiose experience, especially with all these bugs, but Far Cry 6 is a chaotic delight. You don’t just play Far Cry 6 … you decide how you want to play it from start to finish. If you’re a bit tired… just chill out, get in your car, turn on the radio and sing along!

[A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for review purposes.]

Reviewed on: PlayStation 5