Review: Edifier W860NB

The Way Music Is Meant To Be Listened To

The market is flooded with countless headphones that offer various features and state they are the last headphones you will need to purchase. The prices of headphones vary, but the majority advertise that they offer world renowned, or revolutionary sound. Here we will take a look at Edifier’s W860NB to see at what position on the spectrum they stand for offering an all-around balanced headphone experience.

Look And Feel

The W860NB features an aesthetically pleasing black finish that perfectly complements the simple design that ultimately intensifies the look of headphones to that of a significantly more expensive counterpart. The headphone extenders feature a durable mechanism that locks into place upon being adjusted and the headband’s cushion offers no discomfort, even after continued hours of listening as minimal pressure is placed upon your ears and head. It is noteworthy to mention that they are foldable and the interior of each headphone confirms which ear it should be placed upon with an L and R. This identification is missing from many headphones and can really confuse various listeners, so having this feature is definitely a plus.

Ed1Travel Case

In addition to the look and feel of the W860NB, included is a hard clamshell travel case that not only serves as great protection for the headphones, but it also speaks to its quality as it makes it feel as if they cost hundreds of dollars more. This case is great for safe keeping at home, but it will also keep your headphones protected as you travel due to its durability.


The W860NB headphones from Edifier are from the noise cancelling line that offers great sound quality while giving listeners the option to block out surrounding noises and immerse themselves in the musical experience. Having spent almost two weeks listening to various genres of music, I was pleasantly surprised at how impressive the sound quality was. Bass levels were perfect as they never overwhelmed certain parts within songs and the clarity and volume of dialogue completed the package, resulting in a balanced sound performance with no distortions. Some of the artists I listened to were Nothing But Thieves, Arcade Fire, Twenty One Pilots, The Wombats, and Foals.

Ed2 2Battery

The battery life offers around 25 hours while using the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) feature and around 45 hours without using it. I was going back and forth between the two features depending on what I was doing and I got around 30-35 hours of battery life in total and it perfectly complimented my lifestyle. It also takes around 3 hours to fully charge the headphones, but if you are travelling and unable to charge them until that evening you can easily plug in the 3.5mm adapter and utilize the headphones through a wired connection.

Touch Controls

Most headphones’ functions are accessed through the utilization of buttons on the side, but that is not the case with the W860NB. At first I was a little confused on how to properly use the touch controls on the right side of the headphone, but I came to really enjoy the experience after a few hours of using the W860NB. Using touch controls keeps the design clean and is another aspect of making the headphones feel significantly on the higher-end side of the spectrum. Sometimes it may take you a few swipes to get the spot correct to increase, or decrease the volume, but the overall experience is much better as your only buttons to press are the power/Bluetooth sync button and the ANC on/off switch. You are also able to pair the headphones through NFC technology, provided your device supports NFC. It is also important to state that the W860NB headphones support Qualcomm aptXTM audio decoding to provide superior sound from compatible devices.

Included In The Box:

User manual

3.5mm audio cable

USB charging cable

Storage bag

Aircraft plug

Ed3Edifier’s W860NB are perfectly balanced headphones that feature great sound, battery life, innovative features, and comfort. One of the biggest concerns with headphones is discomfort after extended usage, but that is not the case here as the design features one of the most comfortable and cushioned headphones that I have ever used. The Edifier W860NB comes highly recommended as they will be my main headphones that I use going forward.

[This item was provided to us for review purposes.]