Dyson Omni-Glide

Review: Dyson Omni-glide

There’s a lot to take into consideration when looking at a new vacuum cleaner. As you begin your search, chances are Dyson is in the conversation. For good reason too. The company has become synonymous with cordless vacuums and their latest device, the Dyson Omni-glide will likely check off many factors on your list.

The Dyson Omni-glide is a compact, lightweight and versatile offshoot of the company’s cordless vacuum line. As someone who lives in a mid-sized condo, the Omni-glide speaks to me on many levels. It’s designed to be exclusively used on hardwood and or tile. It’s an efficient vacuum that will serve well for those tending to households with that type of flooring. That said, however, the Dyson Omni-glide does have a few caveats to take into consideration, such as its battery life.

As I’ve had a chance to test out the $499.99 CAD Dyson Omni-glide for a couple of weeks at this point, I’ve weighed both its pros and cons for your consideration.


Dyson Omni-glide Unboxing

It’s likely the first thing you’ll notice is how small the packaging and the device are. Having used the Dyson V7 cordless vacuum for some time, I’ve become accustomed to its size. Dyson, through its mastery of engineering, has reduced the footprint of its latest vacuum. It’s not a significant amount, but the size comparison is noticeable. This realization happened the moment I began taking the Omni-glide out of its package and putting it together.


The Dyson Omni-glide is lightweight and retains the company’s easy-to-assemble body. It’s made entirely out of plastic, with simple snap-and-lock features holding each piece in place. Removing a piece and swapping it out is as simple as clicking one of the many red buttons. Included in the box are the Omni-glide body, extended body attachment, and the vacuum roller head. Once built, the Omni-glide feels very sturdy.

The Omni-glide comes with a HEPA filter. Additionally, it includes a soft bristle brush head and a smaller extension wand. Both can be used in exchange for the trademarked Fluffy roller head. The device also comes with its rechargeable battery, which promises 20-minutes of use on a single charge. On top of that, the accessories needed for the docking station, which include an A/C cable, stand, and mounting screws are also included. Plus, you’ll find a manual in case you need to refer to it.

Like Gliding on Skates

I’m probably Dyson’s target audience when the company began developing the Omni-glide. My household is entirely made up of hardwood, with the exception of bathroom tiles and the odd area rug. The most I’m picking up is dust while fighting the never-ending battle against cat hair. In that sense, the Omni-glide is the perfect tool.


Kickstarting the Omni-glide, I immediately got a sense of where the vacuum gets its name. The device features omnidirectional cleaner heads, which provide coverage of 360 degrees while vacuuming. Whether there is dust in front of the roller head or behind, the Omni-glide will pick it up as long as it’s in the vicinity. It also effortlessly slides across the hardwood. It’s almost a thing of magic. I felt like I was maneuvering a puck down an ice rink rather than cleaning my living room. There’s virtually no friction between the Omni-glide and the surface,  less labour on your part. Big win, I know! The device is perfect for hitting corners and getting up close next to a baseboard. While gliding along the floor, it rarely ever kicked up debris or demanded I go over the same spot more than once.

Unlike traditional Dyson vacuums, the Omni-glide has a power button rather than a trigger. This is a great addition as once you turn it on, you don’t have to worry about it turning off when swapping hands momentarily. Not that it’s a selling point, but one of my favourite things is the little hum the battery emits when you power the device off. It’s an almost futuristic bass sound that kicks in. Underneath the power button is the Turbo button, which kickstarts a more powerful suction mode for a deeper clean.


Reaching underneath furniture is a breeze too. The Omni-glide and its roller head have an in-line design that is flexible enough to roll underneath a standard-sized couch, bed, etc and gather dust or other small particles. If I had to nitpick on the design, I wish the handle was slightly longer.

Maintenance and Other Uses

If you are doing smaller maintenance cleaning, like dusting hard-to-reach corners of the ceiling, you can swap out the roller head for the extension wand. You can swap out the roller head and use the soft bristle head to clean crevices. The Omni-glide is very much a vacuum built for those maintenance cleaning jobs.

Dyson Omni Glide 3

Knowing it was built for hardwood, I wanted to quickly find out what would happen if I took it over one of my area rugs. As soon as the roller’s detected an abrasive surface, they locked up when the suction continued. It was only once I conducted a power cycle that the rollers would begin spinning once more. If you were hoping to use the Omni-glide for throws, area rugs, or runner hallway rugs, you’ll likely be disappointed with the results the Omni-glide provides.

Cleaning and emptying the Omni-glide is just as effortless as using it is. The bin, like many other Dyson vacuum products, contains no bag so you can empty the dust, dirt, etc. directly into your garbage. This is also a huge point in ensuring there are no recurring costs. The ejection mechanism is easy to use and locks back into place with very little effort on your part. Dyson’s Fluffy roller heads are removable so you can clean them after extended amounts of use. Although they can withstand a fair amount of dust, hair, or other particles, it’s nice to be able to give them a routine clean in the future.


On to the battery. The Omni-glide battery is quite serviceable. The 20-minute battery life is just shy of the standard 30-40 minutes you’ll find in many other Dyson cordless vacuums. Whether or not this will effectively suit your household entirely depends on the size and personal needs. If you’re living in a multi-level house, you’ll likely have to do a charge halfway through. In an average-sized condo, the Omni-glide is efficient for a routine clean. If I found myself doing a deeper clean, the battery was a little less reliable. That said, if battery life is a concern, Dyson does sell additional batteries and chargers.


When we take a cursory look across Dyson’s various vacuum models, it’s easy to place the Omni-glide near the entry-level side of the equation. It’s on the cheaper side, has a smaller footprint, but lacks those extra bells and whistles you’ll find on the cordless vacuums or Dyson’s canister models.

There’s a balancing act when it comes to putting the stamp on whether I believe the Omni-glide is a suitable primary vacuum for a household. Before taking the plunge, it’s important to identify the needs of your household before investing. As a $499.99 CAD purchase, the Omni-glide will have to suit the size of your home and the surfaces within. If 20-minute battery life isn’t suitable for your space, it may be worth seeking an upgraded system for your home or look into additional batteries along with your purchase.

That said, you’ll likely be impressed by what the Omni-glide offers. True to its name, I’ve yet to use a more effortless vacuum in my life. As someone who tries to put off the task of vacuuming simply because of the hassle, the Omni-glide makes the chore an easier pill to swallow.

A Dyson Omni-glide was provided for review purposes. It is currently available online and at Dyson Demo Stores in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.