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Review: Disney Infinity 3.0


Yesterday, the latest installment of the ever-popular Disney Infinity series was released, and after playing it pretty much all weekend, I have to say, it’s the best one yet!

With the world of Star Wars introduced as the central theme of Disney Infinity 3.0, each starter kit comes with a copy of the game, a character figurine of both Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano, a Twilight of the Republic Disney Infinity Base, and a web code card to unlock content for PC and mobile devices, on top of all that, the game is loaded with tons of customization and content within the Toy Box Hub.


Using the Twilight of the Republic base allows players to gain access to its story mode, based on the Star Wars series Clone Wars prequel. One thing to note is how impressive the combat system is; the melee attacks were very smooth, and it was a lot of fun using a combination of the lightsaber and Force Push attacks, very reminiscent of the Star Wars: Force Unleashed series.

The good news is you can purchase other playsets for Disney Infinity 3.0. An Inside Out playset was also released with the game’s launch and includes character figures of Joy and Anger (you can purchase Disgust, Fear and Sadness separately).


Due for release in late September is the Rise Against the Empire pack, which comes with a Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia figurine to use along with the base. The Force Awakens set will also be available for purchase to accompany the movie release, including characters Finn and Rey from the upcoming film. You’ll also be able to purchase other characters to use with the Star Wars packs later on, including Han Solo, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Yoda and the main cast of Star Wars Rebels.


I found it very hard to figure out where to begin because, from the moment I started, I was given so many options. After playing the quick intro, I spent a few hours customizing my interior and trying out a few of the tutorials… and then decided to ride a random Bantha I found strolling around in the Toy Box Hub… The Toy Box Hub is the launch area where players get to choose from 6 different gameplay zones to hop into, one of which includes the door to the newly introduced Sidekick feature. With Sidekicks, players can unlock cute little Disney character villagers who help out in battles and follow players around within the Toy Box; they will even visit your INterior if you let them. Do you see why I said it was very hard to figure out where to start?…


After all of this, I decided to give the newest feature of the series a whirl; Flynn’s Arcade. As a vast Tron fan (I even bought the Sam Flynn and Quorra figures the day of release), it was very exciting to be able to walk into the arcade building and see the Tron arcade and Hero’s Duty (Wreck-It-Ralph) arcade machines in the corner of each room. The central premise of the building is to play online multiplayer games with other Disney Infinity owners. Players can team up with three other players and hop into Featured Toy Boxes that users or developers of Disney Infinity 3.0 have uploaded for the public to see. Another addition to the game is the El Captain Theatre. Here, players can view episodes of Toy Box TV, upload/download Toy Boxes, and play Featured Toy Boxes within the community.

One thing that impressed me about Disney Infinity 3.0 right off the bat was the soundtrack. While in the Toy Box Hub, if you select a particular area or door, it changes the world’s background and music to match the area of the door’s theme. Hearing compilations from Star Wars, the Nightmare Before Christmas, and even Tron: Legacy was a delight, and it added to the whole experience!


Overall, Disney Infinity 3.0 does not disappoint and is the all-star of the Disney Infinity series, especially with the addition of the Star Wars universe! This is a great game for parents and children to play together, but it’s also a fantastic game for any Disney fan; nostalgia all around! It’s now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, WiiU, PlayStation 3,  and the Xbox 360.

Disney Infinity 3.0











  • Use of figurines
  • The soundtrack in all its nostalgia
  • Lots of customization
  • Tons of gameplay options
  • Access to other playsets means more features to unlock and a high replayability


  • Confusing menus and text; kids might need help reading them
  • The graphics were not as impressive as other features in the game
  • Some lag while in mulitplayer mode