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This game is something else. Between the consistent search for the bare essentials to survive to the bandits who want me dead, Convoy has it out for me to not get off this planet.

Convoy is what you get when you make decide to make a deluxe pizza and add some ingredients that you aren’t sure will go well together but try it and end up liking the concoction. This title  is a mix of FTL and Mad Max and while you love it or hate it, the mash-up works well enough to be refreshing and damn does it taste good.

Convoy takes place on the fictional planet Omek Prime and your mission is to repair your broken down ship. While attempting to repair the ship, you also have to be wary of the three warring factions that reside on the planet. The three factions are Torvak, the Raiders, and Privateers.


Your initial load out as Convoy begins includes one vehicle to protect the big and important MCV which can’t attack and can only support your attacking vehicles you are left to your own devices to scavenge and upgrade your armada in parallel to fixing your broken-down ship. And be wary as there is danger around every move you make and the smallest mishap will cost you a car or more.

When you lose a car in Convoy, it’s gone for good and this leaves you at a disadvantage. I was trotting alone looking for a chip to help fix my ship when I was attacked by Torvak who outnumbered me and out gunned me too. The drawn out battle lead us to a bridge where I lost my only line of offense and caused me to go over that bridge to my doom. The game was over after that.


Every drop of fuel counts too as you roam the wasteland in search for parts. Add in how unpredictable exploring can be and it adds a layer of believability. I came across a mechanic and I needed a quick fix to get to camp safely and was offered a chance for him to look at my car to see if he could fix it for me. This mechanic ended up being incompetent, and in the process ruined my vehicle and ended up dead as I shot him for crippling me after a raider hit.

Combat is fairly simple to learn – you lock on to enemy units and fire with the RMB on your mouse with the equipped weapons your vehicles has. The MCV can support with a pulse that stuns enemy raiders momentarily and all the meanwhile you must avoid obstacles as you’re battling in these dunes that are out to destroy everything surrounding them.

The difficulty can be extreme even on easier settings and it is wise to plan and consider where you want to go next, oftentimes costing you a vehicle or worse in the encounters ahead. Being overtaken by one of the factions will lead to permadeath if not careful enough.


Completing battles nets you loot to upgrade your cars and by finding camps you can upgrade and purchase new weapons to become stronger to survive. These camps are detrimental to surviving Omek Prime and getting across the wasteland safely.

The issue is that what ideas are fresh and interesting in the beginning become monotonous the long you spend trying to complete Convoy. The progress that once was satisfactory becomes painful and leads to boredom.

Convoy is a welcome addition to the roguelike genre and spins off enough that the take on the genre is fresh enough to enjoy. Sadly the gameplay becomes a bore the longer you play and you struggle to come to the completion of your spaceship. This is definitely not another FTL clone and stands well enough on its own legs.

Convoy’s randomly generated and procedural world is one of the better ones I’ve dabbled in and the wasteland is harsh and unforgiving to those who have are anything but sadistic to everyone surrounding them. This game will test your boundaries to see how far you’re willing to go to survive. While not to my taste, the difficulty and gameplay fit this world perfectly and create a realized wasteland that I never want to visit myself. Give Convoy a try if you’re aching for something that will make you outwardly rage in your seat.












  • Interesting world
  • Sandbox options
  • Permadeath
  • Difficult


  • Battles become a bore

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