Review: Bluetti AC70

I’ve always felt like owning a power station would be a significant investment and that it would be a pipe dream. Thankfully, companies like Bluetti have emerged and bridged a gap that must be filled.

Having a portable power station is incredible. While it may not be the answer for every lifestyle or homeowner, most will find having one helpful in a pinch. If you’re travelling and camping, you have everything you need to make the trip easier.


Bluetti Bridges The Gap For Many Homeowners

The AC70 is easily one of the best entry points, boasting a powerful inverter (1000W/2000W peak), a large battery (768Wh), and impressive charging capabilities (up to 850W via AC and 500W via solar/DC). This is a suitable starter device for many people, and I wouldn’t hesitate to say that it will fulfill most of the needs of everyday life.


As much as  I find the device to be versatile, though, the AC70 falls short in specific areas, such as full integration with expansion batteries and weather sealing, which are strengths of the AC60. Additionally, the price points of the two units are similar; deciding between the two is more of a lateral move based on build and features (AC60) versus a more versatile inverter (AC70).


  • 1,000W Rated Power/ 2,000W Lifting Power
  • 768Wh Capacity
  • 950W Turbo Charging, 45 Mins to 80%
  • 500W Fast Solar Intake, Fully Charge in 2 Hrs
  • 7 Outlets Designed for Versatile Charging
  • LiFePO₄ Battery for 3,000+ Charge Cycles
  • Smart Remote Control via Bluetti App
  • Seamless UPS in 20ms

The Bluetti AC70 sits between the 600W AC60 and the larger 1800W AC180 portable power stations, catering to slightly larger power requirements.  The AC70 includes an inverter that can handle up to 1000W and a substantially larger battery capacity.

The inverter has a capacity of 1,000 watts, which is suitable for powering various items on the go, including various AC tools, laptops, consoles, and more. Additionally, it offers a surge capacity of 2,000 watts for resistive loads.


Recharging is surprisingly fast, with a charge of up to 80 percent in just an hour, and you can even add expansion batteries from Bluetti, including solar panels, to charge the device. Inside the AC70 lies the heart of a 768 LiFePO4 battery, offering a much longer life than standard lithium-ion batteries. Theoretically, a LiFePO4 battery can last upwards of a decade with proper handling, whereas lithium-ion has a much shorter lifespan.

Bluetti’s Devices Are Good For Life On The Road Or From Home


You can switch between Standard, Turbo, and Silent charging modes in the app. So, you won’t have to wait long to put the power station to use, whatever charging mode you use. The AC70 supports pass-through charging and powering devices while you charge or run the unit.

To test this, I charged the battery out of the box, revealing it was at 65 percent charge when I turned it on. I got it up to full within an hour. I then proceeded to drain the battery by plugging in my Dyson Hot + Cool Purifier, allowing it to run for several hours while also having my laptop, Switch, and Steam Deck plugged in to charge. The battery showed me around 31 percent left before I charged it up to 80 in just 45 minutes.


The new units feature Bluetti’s latest design, a more rugged appearance, an integrated carrying handle, and a user-friendly interface. The AC70 is compatible with Bluetti’s wireless app, which lets users control the systems without being right next to it.

The Bluetti App is also a highlight as it is incredibly well-designed and easy to use. Upon initial setup, I could immediately find the AC70 and pair it with my phone. The app is filled with information and even the manual, so you can pull any information you need from the source. Everything within the app is a toggle, so you can pick and choose what options you want to be turned on and which options you don’t want available.

The AC70 includes two AC outlets, two USB-A and two USB-C ports, and a 12v car adapter, making it versatile.


  • 2 x 120V grounded plugs (1000W total)
  • 2 x USB-A ports (5V/2.4A) = 12W
  • 2 x USB-C 100W + eMark chip
  • 12V/10A car outlet
  • Inputs AC and DC7909 style
  • Grounding connector
  • The expansion uses the DC7909 port

The AC70 excels in usability, featuring a bright display paired with three backlit buttons. This setup balances simple and clean, making it easy for almost any user to understand.


While I don’t see myself using the AC70 for camping, the potential for backyard cookouts or the power station for a blackout is precisely what I feel this calibre of device is made for. I also appreciate it is a UPS, so I can hook it up to my main computer and use it as a UPS in case of any issues. The versatility is there, and there are many ways I can improve the function of the AC70 right out of the box with the included cables.


Bluetti has gained a reputation in the expanding portable power station market by providing various products suitable for different needs. The 1000W AC70 from Bluetti is one of the best purchases you can add to your home, as it offers a lot of versatility in what it does.