Blacklyte Athena

Review: Blacklyte Athena Ergonomic Chair

As I rolled out my previous desk chair into my spare room, I did it with a smile. I had just assembled one of the designs from Blacklyte, the Athena model, and I was eager to sit in a chair that I’d heard some incredible things about from a few colleagues.

From the minute I sat in the Athena chair, I had a chair that hugged my frame. I was sitting in the Captain’s chair for the first time, and it felt good. While dozens of companies now provide various chairs today, my experience with them is unlike my experience with the Athena. It is an immensely comfortable and fantastic way to type at my desk with little issue.

I sit at 6’0 and sport a bigger-than-average frame. Genetically, I am a mutant (or so I’m told), and it’s because this chair is everything I need to do my job more comfortably. A few things I agree on after using the Athena for two weeks is how sturdy the design is.

Blacklyte Athena boasts a comfortable premium fabric composition and a PU leather version of Athena is expected to launch in 2024.

What’s in the box?

Upon arrival at my door, I didn’t expect the box to be so heavy, weighing around 52 lbs. This isn’t a lightweight chair, and it shows. Opening the box, you’re greeted with the chair pieces, ready for assembly. If you’re any sane human being, assembling furniture is a great way to stress test your limits before insanity kicks in.


So much to my surprise, I opened the Blacklyte Athena box and was greeted with the most coherent and impressive instructions and packing I’ve ever seen. I am not even risking hyperbole when I say this because I posted to showcase how easy to follow the instructions were.


In an impressively laminated double-sided graphic, you can easily follow along in eight steps to assemble the Athena. The instructions are easy to follow, and the setup takes no more than 15 minutes. I didn’t believe it, but low and behold, in less than 30 minutes, I had the entire chair assembled and situated.


Aside from minor assistance in holding the chair steady while tightening the base, I had next to no trouble getting things in place and ensuring every bolt and washer were screwed into their correct slots. Every bolt and washer is neatly prepared along with the Allen wrench and labelled to show where they belong. I’ve assembled more than a dozen chairs over the last several years, but none of those models are as smartly packed and designed as the Athena. Kudos to Blacklyte on understanding how to package a product.


The Blacklyte Athena’s Got Some Great Advantages

After assembling the Athena, my next task was to test it in my new home office. Looking at the completed product, I immediately noticed how much larger the chair was than the previous chair I used. Would the increased size be a hindrance? No, returning to anything smaller than what Athena offers will be hard. Blacklyte continues to impress on that front.

Also, posture support is out of this world. Many competitors have their take on lumbar support, but an hour with the Athena and the support from the lumbar pillow is much more noticeable and welcoming to your lower back. The way it contours and engages the area, you won’t be left slouching because of it. The included headrest lines up nicely when sitting with correct posture – something I was guilty of not doing previously because of how my body fit into the chair. Now, I’m sitting so my back isn’t hunched over, and my feet are firmly on the ground with the proper angle perpendicular to the floor.

Blacklyte’s Athena chair has some great features; you can tell the product has a thoughtful design. Not all chairs are made equally, despite many gaming chairs sharing similar designs and features.


For example, this is the first chair I’ve owned with roller wheels instead of regular plastic wheels. I have hardwood floors installed in my home, and had I used my standard computer chair, I guarantee the floors would have scratch marks due to the plastic used on those wheels. The Athena goes an extra step and includes rollerblade-style wheels in the box, making a noticeable difference once you sit and move around. The soft rubber means you don’t need a floor mat, as it won’t ruin the wood.



It’s all in the materials.

Using premium leather, the material is easy to clean and maintain. I’m happy with the material; for the most part, my most significant caveat is at the price point: would a breathable fabric be better suited? I’m partial to the fabric in specific scenarios or leather for car seats, but I’m happy with how the leather looks. I have the black model in my office, but seeing the other colours and images on social media, the white and pink models are equally appealing.


The decision when choosing the suitable fabric means you’ll end up paying more. After a few weeks with the Athena model, I can easily say the price seems to fit the quality and is a contender (if not a frontrunner) for being the most comfortable and durable chair I’ve used in my office.

If the ease of setup isn’t enough to persuade you, I hope this review might alleviate your concerns about purchasing a new office chair that I comfortably feel is worth buying.

In a post-pandemic world where remote work is (and should be) a thing, you need products that support you and provide you with ease of mind when using them. That’s essentially where my mind has shifted in the last few weeks.



Blacklyte’s Athena chair has many small features I find to be above many of its competitors. While numerous factors come into play when deciding on the type of chair to purchase for your home, comfort is the number one thing to consider. Ergonomics are essential when you think about it; sitting at any desk for prolonged periods isn’t healthy.

The least we can do then is find the most beneficial chair with a set budget. Thankfully, Blacklyte provides a few options with more on the way to fit within any budget. For the first time in ages, I have a chair I find contours to my frame, and I can comfortably game or write without feeling stiff when I stand up.

If anything, I’m at an impasse – sitting for so long is terrible, but it is exceptionally comfortable for the first time. What do I do? I can only think of stretching as much as possible when away from my desk. Of course, despite what chair you own, you should be standing for 10 minutes every hour, so please consider that.