Batman Arkham VR Taking the Suit

Review: Batman: Arkham VR


The coolest part of Batman: Arkham VR was getting to become Batman. A lot of reviewers are saying the same thing as I am. It’s handled well and Rocksteady has done a good job with bringing their world into the VR space.

The issue I had was that while the idea is there, it just never quite hits home for me. What starts off exciting soon halts because you can’t actually walk around. Batman is known for his powers of deduction and has used his abilities for years to solve numerous cases. You’re put in his shoes to do just that, solve cases that only Batman can solve.

Being able to use Batman’s weapons and utilities is exciting. As you learn to use the grapnel gun, Batarang, and evidence scanner you can utilize them in your cases. It gets the job done and Rocksteady knows that.


Batman: Arkham VR isn’t very long, to begin with so after your hour of fun is up you’re tasked to find clues by The Riddler and even that doesn’t take long. For the price of admission, it’s hard to recommend the game at $30 here in Canada but it is something you should definitely consider experiencing.

Give me a full-fledged Batman VR title and I’m sold. There isn’t enough content here for your money.

Batman: Arkham VR











  • The Arkham world comes alive
  • VR works well here
  • Putting on the suit!


  • Short
  • Occasional technical issues