Review: Arozzi Verona XL

As I rolled out my previous desk chair to the curb, I did so with a smile on my face. Having just assembled one of the designs from Arozzi, the Verona XL, I was eager to sit down in a chair that finally understood my needs. For the first time ever, I had a chair in my possession that hugged to my frame. I was sitting in the Captain’s chair for the first time ever and it felt good. And while now there are dozens of companies who provide an assortment of chairs today, my experience with them is unlike my experience with the Arozzi Verona XL+ – a comfortable and wonderful way to type at my desk with little issue.

I sit at 6’0 and sport a bigger than average frame. Genetically, I am a mutant (or so I’m told) and it’s because of that fact that this chair is everything I need to do my job more comfortably. A few things that I absolutely agree on after using the Verona XL for two weeks now, is how sturdy the design is. When I spoke to Scott, the Canadian Manager for Arozzi, he spoke about how the Swedish company is shifting their brand towards being an ergonomic company – which is exciting if you’re someone who sits at a desk for work for prolonged periods of time. I remembered those words as I built the chair which arrived quickly from Vancouver.


What’s in the box?


Upon arrival to my home, I didn’t expect the box to be so heavy but weighing in at around 34 lbs, this isn’t a lightweight chair and it shows. Upon opening the box, you’re greeted with the pieces of the chair, ready for assembly. If you’re any kind of sane human being, assembling any kind of furniture is always a great way to test your sanity. Instructions are either documented well or offer little more than numbered pictures with vague directions. Reaching into the box I search for the box, hoping assembly won’t cause me to have a meltdown of some sort.


Thankfully, it didn’t. In fact, aside from minor assistance in holding the chair steady while tightening the base, I had next to no trouble getting things in place and ensuring every bolt and washer were screwed into their correct slots. Every bolt and washed is preassembled, all you need to do is follow the directions in the instructional book and you’ll have your new chair ready within a half hour.


Having assembled the Verona XL+, my next task was to test it out. Looking at the assembled product, immediately I noticed how much larger the chair was than the previous chair I used. Would the increased size be a hindrance? No, in fact, I find that it’ll be hard to go back to anything smaller than what I currently use.


Also, posture support is out of this world. Many competitors have their own take on lumbar support but an hour with the Verona XL+ and the support from the lumbar pillow is much more noticeable and welcoming to your lower back. The way it contours and engages the area, you won’t be slouching because of it. And the included headrest lines up well when sitting with correct posture – something I was guilty of not doing previously because of how my body fit into the chair. Now I’m finding myself sitting in a way that my back isn’t bent over and my feet are firmly on the ground with the proper angle perpendicular to the floor.


It’s all in the materials

Using pleather, the material is easy to clean and maintain. I’m happy with the material, for the most part, my biggest caveat is at the price point, would a breathable fabric be better suited? I’m partial to the fabric in certain scenarios or leather when it comes to car seats, but I’m happy with how the pleather looks. I chose an all-black chair because of the colours I chose for my office. The decision when choosing the right fabric means you’re going to end up paying more. The trade-off, of course, being pleather, but don’t knock it until you’ve sat on it.



While numerous factors come into play when deciding on the type of chair to purchase, the number one is a comfort. Ergonomics are important when you think about it, sitting at any desk for prolonged periods of time isn’t healthy. The least we can do then is find the most beneficial chair with a set budget. Thankfully, Arozzi provides a suite of chairs that fit within any budget. For the first time in ages, I have a chair I find contours to my frame and I can comfortably game or write within feeling stiff when I stand up. If anything, I’m finding myself at an impasse – sitting for so long is bad, but for the first time ever it is extremely comfortably. What do I do? Well, the only thing I can think of making sure I stretch as much as I can when away from my desk. That and pine over the new Verona Soft Fabric chair.